• FINAL DAYS! -- The Awfully Cheerful Engine on Kickstarter! An action comedy RPG inspired by cheerful tabletop games of the 80s! With a foreword by Sandy 'Ghostbusters' Petersen, and VTT support!
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Press Suldokar's Wake AMA Today on Discord at 21:30 Central European Time



/u/shortsinsnow and the Whitehack Discord server are arranging an AMA with me tonite, in the #Suldokars-Wake sub-channel. It's 21:30 Central European Time. Come by and say hi!

Join the Whitehack Discord Server!

First time you heard about Suldokar's Wake? It's a sci-fi RPG with an alien invasion theme, from the creator of Whitehack. Check it out here: suldokar.wordpress.com (tools here: suldokar.com)

For this occasion, prices on both PDF and print of the Core Arc Omnibus will be lowered significantly (PDF $9.99, Print HC 29.99 -- don't forget to check for coupons, too!). The offer expires on Sunday. I think there may also a be a raffle for a free PDF among the participants during the AMA.

DriveThruRPG.com - Order Contents (You need to use this link directly to get the $9.99 price.)




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Awfully Cheerful Engine!

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