Sunday PM: A Most Murderous Tea Party (Dread)

Alice, First President of Wonderland, has ruled the chaotic continent for nearly 20 years when the threats began. Slowly, her governors, advisers, and closest friends are losing their heads in exceptionally unpleasant ways...

The sort of happy madness that once permeated the populous of Wonderland has been offset by terror: Who - or what - is this dark force that seems to draw nearer to their beloved president with each passing day?

Players in this game will explore my bastardization of Wonderland. In this Wonderland, the oppressive monarchy of the Red Queen has been overthrown and Alice has been unanimously elected president 20 years running... but, it seems not all of Wonderland remains content with her rule.

Playable characters will be:
Mad Hatter
March Hare
Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum (a single PC with two distinct personalities – should be a lot of fun)
Knave of Hearts

Please express your preference for characters when you sign up!


John Crichton

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How did you know? And yes, I'd love to play Alice, or the schizo tweedles, if Alice is taken. Or any other, if those are taken. But dammit, I want in!
Ah, cool -- you made it after all! Awesome. Please ignore my earlier post, as it is totally unnecessary!
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Wow! What a way to end the gameday with a bang. There was too much awesome to describe, thanks for running this Liz, my ribs are still sore from all the laughter. Due to the nature of this game, details will have to be discussed over at CM. :p

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