D&D 5E Super Deadly RAW level 20 fight


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I was thinking of hosting a level 20 "oneshot" combat here in this forum to see how far I can stretch the limits of what a fair and honest RAW combat is and what a DM can do to challenge players in it.

Now, what I mean by "fair and honest" is that I, the creator of the combat scene, will remained bound by the Adventuring Day EXP budget in the DMG, I will only use un-homebrewed MM creatures, and I will not add significant environmental hazards like forcing the characters to fight in a lake of fire.

By RAW, I would like the participants to use PHB-only options with no feats or multiclassing.

For the sake of a more realistic portrayal of the expectation of this fight, you can use the High Magic starting equipment in the DMG for level 17+. This means you can have 3 uncommon items, 2 rare items, and 1 very rare item. You can also have whatever mundane Armor or weapons you'd like.

Your characters are allowed to pre-buff before the fight, however, a spellcaster is allowed one material component (not focus) with a gp cost greater than 10gp each. Material components with less or equal gp cost is unlimited, as well as those that do not have a cost and whether or not it is consumed is up to the spell. Wish remains as written, too.

I would like four participants. As this is a combat-based one-shot, your backstory can be as detailed or empty as you'd like and if you want, you can skip personality traits, background features, etc. Even social and non-combat skills can be skipped. So really having athletics, acrobatics, investigation, arcana, perception, medicine, and stealth are the only skills that could possibly matter.

The game will be play-by-post with a map and dice rolls will be made using the honor system. I roll dice like this [result](dice + mod). So, an attack roll would look like [15](1d20+2) or a save with advantage would look like [14](1d20adv). Large numbers of dice will be condensed for brevity [26](8d6).


For those that need context, the four participants have been recognized by the gods as the representatives of the Material Plane due to their skill and prowess (from them being level 20). They would like to elevate your character's status into demigods, but you must first prove yourself.

The challenge is a very simple meatgrinder mission. Defeat all creatures in a demiplane area. The demiplane's area is 100ft x 100ft.

Also, the point is both to see how a deadly encounter might go from a RAW perspective and to have a good, fun time with some of the forum-goers here and see how optimal they are.

Personally, I rarely get the chance to have a party of tactically-minded players and those usually don't last to level 20, so I'm itching to see the full extent of what powerful level 20 characters can do. Who is interested?

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