D&D 5E Survivability of Low-Level D&D Next Characters

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Li Shenron

Last time I played was with last Xmas package, and a lot of stuff changed after that... But at that time survival seemed pretty much certain to us. I'm sure now things are more balanced.


I ran the latest packet, using the Caves of Chaos playtest, and didn't manage to kill anyone. The players cleared the goblin caves, the ogre cave, and the kobold caves, over a period of 3 adventuring "days" (2 long rests). There were 5 characters, all 1st level-dwarf fighter, halfling rogue, half elf cleric, human bard, and elven mage. I only pulled a punch once, after rolling the third crit on the fighter, and I dropped it to a regular attack. But crits can happen to anyone.

At various times, the fighter, the mage, and the rogue dropped to 0 and were making death rolls, but quick action by the cleric was able to save them.

BTW, kobolds and giant rats were scary, thanks to their pack attack ability. The goblin stealth never really got a work out because the players were able to attack by surprise most of the time.

All in all, it felt dangerous, but survivable with good play, the way I think D&D should. Assuming you're using the right monsters for the level, I think the game is pretty survivable.


Survival is extremely likely. With a cleric or druid, it's basically impossible to die unless you get really back luck on death rolls.


Crusty Old Meatwad (he/him)
I am noticing a "Hour and a half adventure day" problem, where the PCs having an encounter, use most of their spells, rest an hour to recharge some spells, have a second encounter, use all their spells, and then rest for 8 hours to recharge them all.

This was making the party pretty likely to survive, though characters did go down about 1 out of every 3 encounters.

However, I then pulled up some wandering monsters, hit the party mid-short-rest, and that jazzed things up greatly. Nobody died, but it was a close call.

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