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Suzerain Infomancer

It is only 6 days until the Suzerain Legends Kickstarter launches!

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This new expansion of the ENnie award-winning meta-setting is a new level to the 20+ year-long history of Suzerain. Bringing a new core book filled with new content, including lore, art, and tools for players new and old.

Our Kickstarter launches with over 50 new Edges and Hindrances along with a new advancement rank ‘Demigod’ to build upon the Savage Worlds ruleset. Expanding the ruleset to a new more dynamic and tactical experience with epic deep lore behind it.

Suzerain’s player-driven universe is developed through the Legends Awaken initiative. Where actual player sessions, some even ran by us at Savage Mojo, have the possibility to become actual canon lore for future Suzerain updates.

The realms are in danger, and the heroes of the Awakened are their only hope. With many evil forces corrupting and waging war across the universe, including the newest evil of the Tempest, it is down to you to stop them.

Bring The Hope, Be The Hero.

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