D&D 5E Swarms of Multiverse (5E) now available . . . 70 new creatures, 140 stat blocks, 4 demiplanes, rules to create balanced swarms, and more



From the team that brought you the platinum-bestselling Feywild Companion, comes the next evolution in swarms!

This one-of-a-kind bestiary brings you never-before-seen creatures as well as their swarm equivalents. But these aren't just run-of-the-mill swarms! Each creature has been given a minimum of two pages to help you understand their lore, their habits, their tactics, and why they swarm. Many of the swarms feature differences from their base creatures to keep your party guessing. Plus, we've got tons of bonus material and instructions on how to make swarms that are balanced for fifth edition.

This book includes:
  • Over 70 brand new creatures and their associated swarms!
    • All the creatures swarm, have swarm-like abilities, or summon and command swarms
    • Creatures and swarms of all sizes, including gargantuan!
    • Creatures and swarms for all environments!
  • Over 140 stat blocks ranging from CR 0 to 30, including new mechanics, traits, and actions!
  • Over 150 adventure hooks to help you integrate the creatures into your campaign!
  • 4 new demiplanes to explore, including a demiplane made from books!
  • Bonus material including magic items, lairs, variants, templates, diseases, factions, and more!
  • Instructions on how to create swarms that are balanced for fifth edition!
  • Tips and tools to enhance the swarms you create, including making symbiotic swarm hosts!
  • 50 wild effects!
  • 80 VTT tokens!
  • Printer-friendly version!
  • Digital version is fully hyper-linked, bookmarked, and indexed!
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An entire hoard of gold coins moving under its own power. Writhing insects that cover every surface of a passageway. Sentient crystals that merge into a giant sparkling creature. There are many forms a swarm of creatures can take. But why do these creatures come together? What makes them different? Who controls them? The answers to these questions and more await you inside these pages!


The wide range of creatures inside Swarms of the Multiverse offer multiple options for every environment, including Arctic, Coastal, Underwater, Underground, and all the rest! Their sizes also vary to give you Tiny options all the way through Gargantuan. Whatever the occasion or location, there is a creature (and swarm) waiting for you inside this book.

Our painstaking editorial process means that you are going to get error-free stat blocks with easy-to-read phrasing. You'll have no trouble reading these blocks and quickly finding what you need in the middle of an encounter. Plus, we've got multiple indexes in the back of the book to help you find a creature fast.


Swarms of the Multiverse is true to its name, bringing you multiversal connections to various planes as well as 4 brand new demiplanes. Whether adventuring in any environment on the Material Plane or taking an extraplanar journey, this book has you covered.


We analyzed all of the official fifth edition swarms and base creatures so that we could create step-by-step instructions on how to create your own swarms. This information goes well beyond what you could get from comparing two stat blocks since we used it to make all the swarms in this book. We answered questions such as "How do I handle recharge in a swarm?" and more. Plus, we've included a bunch of options to flesh out your swarms, everything from new actions to swarms as hazards.


Since we allowed our designers a lot of room to create, many of the creatures in this book are accompanied by bonus material. Some creatures include related magic items. Others include a faction, a disease, or variants. Plus, we've got a massive table of wild effects that you can use with two of the creatures in the book or independently for some excitement at your table.

Buy it on DriveThruRPG: Swarms of the Multiverse (5E) - Splinterverse Media | DriveThruRPG.com

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