Swiftblade build and spell list advice


We're creating new characters for our campaign soon and I'm working on making a swiftblade. (WOTC online class - LINK) I'm going the stalwart sorcerer route (alt class feature, Complete Mage, p36) to get the martial weapon (and focus and extra hp). Anyway, I'd like some advice on a few things from anyone that has experience with the class.

1) We're not starting at a level where I'll already BE a swiftblade- I'll have 3 more levels of sorcerer to play thru first. I'm looking for build advice for those sorcerer levels. I'll have the feat prereqs covered at 1st level, so what would be good for the 3rd and 6th level feats? Do I start working towards martial ability or spellcasting? What about build choices after I go swiftblade? There's a handbook over on the WOTC boards, of course, with plenty of advice- but I'm worried it's all theoretical or strictly from an optimization (read: munchkin-y) viewpoint. Any good ideas from the more rational minds on these boards?

2) My spell list!? The stalwart sorcerer option makes me lose 1 spell known from my highest spell level- that's not much, but it IS a drop in a class that already lacks in spells known. That just means I'll have to make good spell choices! Problem is, I've never really played a sorcerer so I don't know the problems of not being able to change the spells I know as needed. So advice on good, solid spells will be very helpful. Of course, I have a links to the awesome spell polls from a few years back and Thanee's quite good list for an Incantatrix sorcerer from around the same time. However, both of those excellent resources use only PHB spells. There are literally hundreds more spells available in the splat books (most of which are usable in our game). So advice that includes ALL the spells available would be invaluable. I have to look at spell lists for both my low-level sorcerer days AND my speedy gish swiftblade future. I'm thinking utility and versatility over bang/boom spells will be best. But what spells will be useful (and remain useful) to both a straight caster and then a gish?

OK- it's late (for me) so hopefully that all makes sense and wasn't too much to read. I know I've left out specifics about stats and race that everyone seems to want for these types of posts, but I'm not sure if that would help, hinder or sidetrack the post at the moment- so I'll leave it for a follow-up post and hope for a good start without that stuff. And of course, aside from any specific questions above, general advice on how to run (and enjoy playing) a speedster fighter/mage will be much appreciated as well. Thanks in advance!

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