Swords of the Serpentine - what are people doing with it?


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I'll admit, as much as I love the crap out of this game I haven't really had much time to play it, although I plan to. I'm currently working on a light hack to use SotS to run late Victorian/Edwardian supernatural shenanigans. Maybe with some Mythos around the edges, but also taking into account all the spiritualism, mentalism, ad general ghost-yness of the period.

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I would love to hear about any straight up successes on the running SotS front. Having not actually played it much I have some reservations about hacking something I'm not all the way down with. That said, I'm going to push on regardless. So, a couple of initial ideas. One, wealth and status will be a little more mechanical. The period and genre doesn't need the flamboyant excesses of straig SotS in terms of weath and spending, so I'll probably stratify things a little bit and let players spend wealth to maintain status X.

I think I'm also going to remove Corruption from the basic list of IA abilities and silo it off and something to attained in-game, and at a steep price (this is maybe very mythos). Most of the 'magic' that standard investigators have, in most treatments of the genre/period are covered by Forgotten Lore, Spirit Sight, and Prophecy. I want the magic to be a huge deal.

Other than the above, I' not planning on changing much. I may change the names of thing to suit the period (allies and enemies specifically) bt in terms of the basic skill lists I think it works. One way it works very well for me is that it obviates the rather enormous list of academic pursuits that come baked into, for example, Trail of Cthulhu. I've never seen the need for that huge list of academics, and I think I'm just going to allow players to choose one specialty per dot of whatever I decide to call that skill (probably academics, but that's not nearly as evocative as the base skills).

On another note, apparently someone is adapting Eberron to work with SotS, which I think is super awesome.

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Likely to be a year out at least before I get a chance to bring this to my gaming table. Oh, the problems of having lots of DMs at our table....

For the moment my plans are a bit on the broad strokes side of things. The group has a strong preference for fantasy though so when pitching new game ideas my desire to run a Fall of Delta Green never wins out. What I really like about FoDG is as your character's ability to deal with things improves their ties to humanity fray. So toying around with ways to bring the bonds, adapting to trauma, and sanity rules of FoDG into a SotS game. In my mind eye it leans heavy into Leiber's Nehwon with Ningauble of the Seven Eyes and Sheelba of the Eyeless Face making some cameos somewhere in game.

From a rules perspective what I am thinking on is does sanity and morale somehow overlap? Or do the two stand apart? Similar thoughts with Bonds from FoDG and Allegiances from SotS? Does adapting to trauma fit into a Sword and Sorcerer story? Not sure if any changes are really needed. I've got time to think on it. Should be interesting to see where it ends up.


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The free RPG day adventure is free in PDF now.

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