Free System 7 - an upcoming Tabletop and LARP system



I created a new kind of LARP and Tabletop system. I had 2 years to edit it, and I'd like to show it to people before it launches to get feedback.

Imaging making Characters, Monsters and NPCs in seconds, by selecting a few cards, and being able to LARP outdoors or indoors or at a Tabletop during the same game. That’s System 7.

A game system for Boffer LARP, Parlor LARP and Tabletop RPG, System 7 is a Core Set of 200 cards plus a PDF rulebook describing how to write and run adventures using the cards.

With expansions coming, there are a lot of cards, heading towards 900 in fact, but they are divided into 7 tiers and split between 6 elements. When you start you get 4 tier 1 cards and then expand from there.

We’re looking for feedback. What have we not explained properly? What is not clear on the cards?

The Beta Rulebook is available for free and contains a set of demo cards from the Core Set. The full game will later on DriveThruCards.
System 7 Beta Rulebook PDF file

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