Kickstarter Tab Creations Announces Heights of Power


Hello all,

Tab Creations is excited to announce our next project: Heights of Power: A Revolution in the Age of Ambition RPG.

Heights of Power, Game Master's Toolkit and Melanoc Adventures are three short supplements for the Age of Ambition roleplaying game. They feature powerful new traits, arcane fighting styles, alternative rules, new hazards and seven one-shot scenarios.

As a fan of ours, we want you to follow our pre-launch Kickstarter page. Clicking "Notify me on launch" will help ensure we have the strongest launch possible.

Age of Ambition is a new take on the fantasy genre. The core system, Saga Machine, has been in use for over a decade, including publication in our other roleplaying games, Shadows Over Sol, Against the Dark Yogi and Dime Adventures.
This version of the rules has been entirely revised and streamlined. In the playtest and elsewhere it has received widespread praise.

Heights of Power: A Revolution in the Age of Ambition RPG will be live on November 1st but you can follow it on Kickstarter right now here.


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