Tactical Arithmetic


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Now that we are solidly in the Epic portion of play I find that each night is losing some of the role playing. I've renamed all my powers after things having to do with daggers and knives and will try to flavor tonight with that.

What can be done to flavor an evening of doing math so that it seems like an adventure?

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First Post
It definitely sounds like the role playing has left your game. You cannot let that drop off, else it's just a combat game and that's just boring.


Or JUST PERHAPS, it's boring for both the original poster and Enclave, and they can empathize on the situation.

I have a couple of suggestions, actually. First, it sounds like you're a player and not the DM, if so then it would be worth talking to the DM just to bring this to the surface, in case they and the other players are getting a little wrapped up in cool abilities and forgetting about the other parts of roleplaying you and maybe others at the table find fun.

Second, it's sometimes the little things that matter. Think back to your original sessions, prior to Epic, and think about what specifically made them fun and roleplay-involved. See if there are ways to re-inject small elements, just like your "dagger-flavor" idea. It might spark something for the other gamers at the table and people will riff off of this, if it suits 'em.

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