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Forgive me if I missed this, but what is up with the lack of AL entries on the Dungeon Masters Guild for this season? Every previous AL season had 14-18 adventures, this has 3 and appears to be near it's end. Was there a writer's strike? Something else I somehow missed?

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You didn't miss anything, season 6 only had three DDAL adventures and three DDEP adventures to go with the hardcover. I assume that more resources were being put toward season 7 and this was more of a gap season.


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Season 6 was intentional short so the extra time could be added on to season 7 which lasts for about a year.
To be clear, season 6 is not just short, it's also remarkably low-content even taking into account its length. The season lasts for five months, during which two of the months have no releases, and the remaining three only have a single two-hour adventure. Even if you add in the extra epics (which are not released to the public and as such they don't help when trying to fill in store and game day schedules), season 6 has a way lower average number of adventure hours per month than the previous seasons. I don't know why this season is so content-light, but I really hope it doesn't happen again.

I count s6 as May-June-July; aka 3 months with a lot of 7-1 and 7-2 running throughout August at cons (and seeing release at stores this month as well). For the Admins the time not spent on s6 remains spent on the extra long s7 season.


Some of the DM quests assume you run the three modules along with HC modules. It also appears Season 7 will follow suit as tier 1 and 2 act as hooks and filler with tier 3/4 taking place and continuing hard cover story from what I have seen on social media.

Overall they are moving to a more cohesive story with hard cover integration which I for one am very excited about.

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