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The Future of D&D Adventures League: AL on Roll20 and Greg Marks' Interview

With a new way to sell DMs Guild content on Roll20, there's even more opportunities to access D&D Adventurers League content than ever before.

With a new way to sell DMs Guild content on Roll20, there's even more opportunities to access D&D Adventurers League content than ever before.


Roll20 + DMsGuild + AL​

Roll20, a popular virtual tabletop platform for playing Dungeons & Dragons, recently announced that creators could sell their D&D content on the DMsGuild site specifically for the Roll20 VTT. Players who purchase modules, art packs, token marker sets, content packages, or addons will be able to unlock them for immediate online play on Roll20 without any additional setup work. While this is great news for Roll20 players, it's worth noting that D&D Adventurers League (AL) adventures have been available on the DMsGuild for Fantasy Grounds, another popular virtual tabletop, since 2016.


How does this apply to the AL?​

The DMsGuild site currently offers three D&D Adventurers League adventures for Roll20 users:
This announcement has generated excitement within the D&D community, as it provides more options for creators to share their content with players and expand the possibilities for virtual play.


Greg Marks Discusses Changes to Adventurers League​

Recently, there have been changes announced for the AL. The changes were discussed in an interview with Greg Marks, the Content Manager for the D&D Adventurers League, on the Mastering Dungeons podcast.

But before delving into the changes, lets take a look at Greg Marks' history with organized play. Marks has been involved with organized play since the early 80s when he played in the second round of the D&D Open at Gen Con at the age of six. He has playtested the original Unearthed Arcana for first edition D&D and was an administrator for some organized play campaigns since 2000. In October 2023, it will mark his 23rd year with organized play.

Now, let's dive into the interview with Marks. The discussion centered around the current state of the Adventurers League and its upcoming changes. Winter Fantasy, a convention run by Baldman Games, served as the perfect setting for this interview, as Baldman Games is one of the two Premier Organizers working with the Adventurers League.
  • Player choices: With the new story arc structure, player choices have a more significant impact on the overall story. The new structure ties multiple adventures together, allowing players to see the consequences of their actions play out over time.
  • Changes to the Player’s Guide: The Adventurers League has made changes to character creation to make it more flexible and player-friendly. The new Player’s Guide is just three pages, as opposed to the original 21-page guide.
  • Changes to season structure: The Adventures League is now using a story-arc structure that ties multiple adventures together in a way not previously done. To accomplish this, each adventure has a more detailed outline for the writer than was previously provided.
  • New adventure releases: The Adventurers League will be releasing new adventures more frequently. No details were given in the interview, but this should give players more options for finding adventures that suit their play style.
  • Expansion of the Premier Organizer program: The Adventurers League is expanding its program to include Premier Organizers, which recognizes organizers who have shown exceptional dedication and skill in running Adventurers League events. Currently, Baldman Games and GameholeCon are the only two recognized Premier Organizers.
  • Virtual Play: Virtual play is becoming more important to the Adventurers League, with the release of more virtual play content and increased opportunities for virtual play.
  • More flexibility for DMs: The new structure allows DMs more flexibility to modify adventures as needed. This will help DMs tailor adventures to their players and better respond to unexpected events.
Overall, the changes to the Adventurers League seem aimed at giving players more agency in shaping the story of their characters. More frequent adventure releases should give DMs and players more options for finding adventures that match their play style. Meanwhile, the emphasis on virtual play and the expanded Premier Organizer program should help ensure that the Adventurers League remains accessible and engaging for all players. And finally, AL content converted to the Roll20 format will let DMs prep games on that platform easier than before.

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