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Castles & Crusades and Gary Gygax's Castle Zagyg with Guest Stephen Chenault
Gary Gygax Sexism Controversy, Moonbeam Streaming Service, ENNIE Nominees, and more!
Morrus, PJ, and Jessica go over all the tabletop RPG news of the week including the Roll20 hack, PHB pre-order controversy, and more!
Morrus and Jessica talk with Rob Heinsoo about 13th Age 2nd Edition
2024 Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook Preview, Evil Genius Games Controversy, and more!
Voidrunner's Codex Ship Combat Rules, DC20 Kickstarter Breaks $1m, Pathfinder Remaster Champion Class, and more!
Morrus and PJ talk to guest Michael C. Davis from CERN to talk about Return of the Ripper.
D&D gold dragon redesign, Diana Jones Emerging Designers announced, new book about classic D&D settings, and more!
Cover reveal of the D&D Player’s Handbook 2024, what’s in the new D&D core rules, the Adventure Time RPG joining the Million Dollar Crowdfunding Club, and more!
This week, Morrus, PJ, and Jessica preview the upcoming Voidrunner’s Codex for Level Up: Advanced 5e.
Vecna Leaks, D&D Beyond Changes, Hasbro Invests $1 Billion in Video Games, and more!
Psionics in Dungeons & Dragons, Asmodee splitting from Embracer Group, D&D Fireside Chat, and more!
WotC President Resigns, Hasbro Seeks New Partner for BG4, and more!
Dimension 20 at Madison Square Garden, Planet of the Apes and Black Company both getting new RPGs, edible gummy minis, and more!
Dungeons & Dragons 1980s Cartoon Minis, Star Trek Picard D&D Charity Stream, Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors Released Early, and more!
TTRPG Market Down, Free D&D Beyond Adventure, Drakkenheim on DDB, D&D Fallbacks Novel

This Week in TTRPG


TREY is a new solo set of rules and The Comae Engine is a d100 RPG with a versatile conflict resolution system both from FrostByte Books.
A moody game in a dark city full of spies, revolutionaries and strange magic.
Ever since Toy Story debuted, I've wanted rules to play with army men. Now we can!
Knave 2e offers great resources for any OSR style game.

Dungeons & Dragons

A collection of short adventures ranging from 10th to 16th level--dragons, kobolds, giants, even the dreaded River Styx!
From libraries to trading stalls this secretive order uses what they know to influence entire kingdoms.
Here are the D&D events WotC is holding at Gen Con this year.
3,000 copies available ahead of September release.
Hight previously oversaw the World of Warcraft franchise.
The sets include Ravenloft, Tomb of Horrors, Vecna Lives!, White Plume Mountain, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

Industry News

Tabletop Mirror with integrate the chat features of Role Gate into its platform
Hight previously oversaw the World of Warcraft franchise.
Your backing helps Owen's fight against cancer and gets you a book of cartoons by Stan!
DEI grants for publishers and retailers open for applications

Voidrunner's Codex

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