Black Flag Tales of the Valiant Monster Vault Marilith Preview

Kobold Press just previewed the Tales of the Valiant Marilith. I think it looks great. Its stats are in-line with the benchmarks Scott Gray, Teos Abadia, and I came up with for Forge of Foes. It's a real powerhouse – both simple to read in their format with some cool tactical stuff going on too. I dig it.

We're going to have a lot of awesome 5e monsters to choose from this year and early into next.

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Pretty cool!

I think I would have let them use the extra reactions for opportunity attacks as well, but maybe that playtested poorly.


Kobold Press will have 100s of monsters in this first release. They have a couple thousand in their other 5e books.
I know, my point was more that it is not easy to give hundreds of monsters an identity that is unique to them.

I do not even think it is really needed... if we followed that we would have what, two or three dinosaurs? There are books full of dinosaurs... while I agree that most are similar, having not just one of a thing but multiple variants just adds variety to the world

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