Tales of Wyre


Hi Justin,
I used the PDF files of the posts to create these word files. The reason I'm doing this is to format it into a more printable document for people to print their own copy if they wish. I'd love to hold these in my had while reading them instead of just on a screen. I'm looking for input on how to make it look nice when printed and read. If new readers decide to pick it up by borrowing a physical copy, I want them to think this was professionally done. Something like this GitHub - t3db0t/unsong-printable-book: A completely ready-to-print copy of "Unsong" by Scott Alexander.
Yep, Wyre deserves a beautiful Subterranean Press-quality massive hardcover tome or three! Sanderson and Erikson can go take a seat in the corner and see how fantasy is truly done!

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Personally, I'd find it fascinating to be transported into this world (remember the 1980s D&D cartoon?) as something like an ascetic half-shadow rogue/monk-like Void Incarnate (perma-mindblanked and immune to force-effects!) and see how well I could survive. (Note my avatar. I like Glooms and would very much like to know more about them!)

My first published D&D article was on on shadow magics, in White Wolf Magazine #11, way back in 1988. I've shared some of that info in Knockspell Magazine #6 (the magazine folded before part 2 was published), but haven't gotten that into my blog yet. Working more on that is in my 2023 campaign planning, as part of my a mysterious forest largely-dropped from the published Greyhawk maps: https://grodog.blogspot.com/2020/04/the-strange-case-of-the-forgotten-folio-forest.html


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