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D&D 5E Tasha Confirmed for Witchlight?

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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight - Witch Queen & Iggwilv

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight - Agdon Longscarf & Haregon Brigands

First one is the interesting
Witch Queen AND Iggwilv

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Well, Volo appeared in Tomb of Annihilation the year after his titular book, the Xanathar appeared in Dragon Heist the year after his Guide came out, and Mordenkein was in Descent into Avernus the year following his Tome. So, one would expect Tasha to be in the next year's Adventure. Tasha's Cauldron had a lot of Fey themes, including one page where she was on a throne surrounded by Redcaps, which was subtitled as her being the Witch Queen.
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