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Teamwork and Trauma

Part of the Nonstop Tabletop event happening over at Crowdfundr.

Luna Publishing is creating unique tabletop roleplaying content. We focus primarily on dark fantasy, horror, and similar themes. We crowdfund most of our projects including our Penny Dreadfuls module series that has been pledged for and downloaded over 3,000 times! If you want to look at all of our projects you can visit our DriveThruRPG store.

This project is a side to our usual modules as we expand into creating unique rulesets for adding to a 5e TTRPG campaign. Teamwork and Trauma have been already written, tested, and is ready to go! All we need is some extra funding to pay our wonderful artists to complete it for release.


Teamwork is small, and easily digestible ruleset designed to allow two individual players to form a close connection with abilities to complement each other. Players can choose to form a Team. Teams are either treated as a 'Partnership', or as a 'Rivalry'. As the team grows, they gain synergies.

Synergies allow the two players to share each other's abilities, boost and benefit one another, and even perform new actions they normally wouldn't be able to do. Group Synergies benefit both members of the team, while Individual Synergies benefit only your teammate. It has been carefully tested so that it is fun, functional, and will not overpower the challenge rating system, but merely provide small benefits in specific situations, and give teammates more options in roleplay and combat.


Trauma is another small ruleset designed to subject characters to injury and long-lasting effects from combat without ruining their overall experience or penalizing them into uselessness.

Trauma has both a standard, and a 'Hardcore' setting. You can make a choice on how much extra challenge you want added to combat. Trauma works well in dungeon crawls, horror campaigns, and to generally make combat far more frightening without increasing the overall actual challenge rating.

About Us​

Our funding is our profit, and our livelihood. Luna Publishing is a small publishing group working on RPG game supplements while trying to make this their full-time job. Headed by Gregory Lucas, and his wife R. Lucas. Combined we have over fifty years of gaming experience between us with various systems, settings, and themes.

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