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Tech Update: 2350 is now available on our website and on DTRPG!

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The future is here!

Nothing stays the same! Time marches onward and so do technological advances. Clement Sector and Earth Sector are no different.

Though nearly twenty years have passed since the Conduit Collapse event forever isolated Clement Sector from Earth, the pace of research into new technologies continues unabated. On both sides of the long-vanished Conduit, new devices developed by the research are now in common use while existing technologies continue to improves as they are more fully understood.

This book covers the changes in technology from the Clement Sector 2342 setting to the 2350 setting of Earth Sector. It can be used to expand the technology advancements in an Earth Sector campaign or allow you to update your Clement Sector campaign to 2350.

It's time for an upgrade!