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Tegwyn Saga RPG: new, 25% off, play a photosynthetic rhino-cobra-person


Hi! I released an RPG last month called Tegwyn Saga, and it's still on a 25% off first-month launch sale for a couple more days, until Saturday morning (the 18th)!* It's a medium-crunch, bronze age to medieval fantasy game with a whole lot of playable races, some mechanical variety, a unique experience system, and some other fun stuff. Here's the pitch:
Do you fancy being a kindly Sun Giant empowered by plant magic? What about shapeshifting into a werespider and attacking with four swords? Playing a photosynthetic rhino-cobra-person who hurls explosive potions? Creating an enchanted hammer that splits the very earth before you?

Welcome to Tegwyn Saga, a tabletop roleplaying game for adventures in a bronze age to medieval fantasy setting! In this game, you and your friends play heroes in a world of swords and city-states, arrows and empires, monsters and magic. You might be a Human, an Elf, a Giant, a Troll, or something unique to this fantasy setting, like a Relakite or a Zorglixian. Through a combination of acting, thinking, and dice rolling, you can make friends, thwart enemies, explore forbidden places, converse with characters, cast spells, and slay monsters. Are you ready to play Tegwyn Saga?

The store page also has a summary of mechanics and a preview of the TOC and the first several pages. I'm obviously hugely biased, but if you like playing weird species and get tired of rolling a d20 and adding a number over and over, I think you might like this game!

* (It might also be in a DTRPG bundle or site-wide sale soonish, but whether it gets accepted for those isn't entirely up to me.)

Take a look on DriveThruRPG!
Tegwyn Saga Roleplaying Game cover, featuring a variety of fantasy races in a style resembling stained glass

And a glimpse of the art style:
Party of Tegwyn Saga characters, left to right: tentacle-faced Sek'lar healer waving with his left hand, bark-skinned Wood Elf ranger holding a black squirrel, bear-like Basar phalanx with a glaive, female Black Dwarf warrior in heavy armor, and winged Dravwyn mage casting icy blue spell

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