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Teratologue & Custom Monsters


Someone want to be super-awesome and walk me through an example of using Custom Monster rules in this book. I'm not sure I totally get it. Also could one use the point purchase system to also use monster types to create a monster from scratch with this system? It seems so, but it is a bit confusing. Thanks in advance!


Solos & Elites too

A quick question about Solos & Elites, too:

While I understand keeping the CR as the spine of these monsters doesn’t change, what about the XP value.
If you look at the example in the core book, 6 Trailblazer PCs would be splitting only 360 xp for the fight with Misery (the solo spider). This is, of course, way, way short of the expected 1,080 xp a group that large could take on for even a moderate encounter.
Does anyone adjust XP for Elites and Solos?