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Thaiger destroys Sabaron in two rounds, just like last time!


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OOC: I'm at work right now so I'll have to keep this short...

IC:The all too familiar mists roll over the landscape.

"We are here...

The insult to Sabaron's kung-fu and keep win this round."

Insults to Thaiger - Thaiger may choose match length and type.

Note: This is an unofficial match...

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I'll keep to Sabaron's wishes and make it a two flag standard match.

Thaiger salutes Sabaron with his spear and springs into action. He assaults Sabaron in an effort to drown him in a flury of stabs and swipes of his spear

The crab drowns the spring; protects against the chaos of the fire!


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Two orbs of light phase into exisistance between the fighters.

OOC: Guess you gotta forget to do something every now and then...

The ancient masters have decreed this match to take place at the tundra south-east of the Cherry Blossom Pagoda on the night of the jaguar.

"The Ancient's decree that Thaiger's use of the Crab style wins the first round."

Point Thaiger - One Orb Thaiger, One Orb Neutral


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Thaiger waves the dragon carved spear at Sabaron tauntingly while smiling broadly

"Come on, I've seen you fight better than this. You're a full belt higher than me, stop draggin yer heels."

Moving with surprising quickness and grace for his brutish size, he levels his spear and drives is toward Sabaron's chest.

The panther thrusts the coast; waves away the edge of the dark sunbeam!


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OOC: Oh damn... I knew this would happen. I could use my shining defense/diversity of styles here as well, but I think it would be in poor taste since I am also the judge... Oh damn!


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ooc: Don't worry too much, MidKnight, this is an unofficial match. Even if you screw up and give me Diversity of Styles, it doesn't matter. :) Really!

"I'm trying my best, Thaiger, you're just as good as you were last time. The fact that my belt is higher than yours is a sham; if our last match were official, we'd have the same rank."

Sabaron flips backward, kicking Thaiger's spear out of his hands and into the ground nearby. Sabaron then lunges for it.

The thunder flips before the vale; protects against the descent of the lightbeam!


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OOC: Even though it would have changed this outcome - I WON'T interfere with a match that I am judging, like I said before - it would be in poor taste.

"The Ancient Master's find humor in the fact that while the belt rankings are different - the outcome is still the same."

Point Thaiger - Match Thaiger

Unofficial sparring match - No Advancement


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Thaiger picks his spear up off the ground and dust it off. He walks back over to Sabaron shaking his head and chuckling.

"Well, it looks like I am doomed to quick battles. At least you disarmed me, even though it was too late to matter."

He sighs and looks off to the north for a moment, then looks back with his broad smile.

"Och, you fought well despite the results. Guess sometimes size does matter. Don't let it get you down, I'm sure that with more practice you could best me. I just wish we had the time. My dreams are telling me that something is approaching, something that will change everything. My dreams are also telling me that I shouldn't stay around for it too. They're calling me back home."

He looks again to the north and leans on his spear like it was a staff

"My time here has been quite a experience, and I will never forget our time training together at the dojo. Keep bringing honor to my gift, and I will continue to honor yours."

He extends his right hand out to Sabaron and clasp his arm in a warriors embrace.


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Just thought you'd like to know that before I refresh the generator page to generate my first move with a clean slate, the generator was showing a rather devestating Dragon move. I could have just gone with it and probably won in one round. :p But my conscience kicked in and I cleared it.

BTW I like your new avatar

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