Thank you Wicht and Phoenix!


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While I am aware that we will all be White Belts come Monday, do we keep our records or are we all 0-0 again. In addition, do we clear the Fighter Registration of all past fights?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see it anywhere.

Thanks for the quick replies... I was hoping to keep my winning record that I've just now achieved. I'll just have to get one from the start. ;)
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I would say the records would have to be set to 0-0.

as for the registrations - it makes sense to me to just start a new one...


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From what I understand, the whole world will start anew. White belts with 0-0 records and a new Fighter Registration thread to acompany it can be expected I believe. You can use the same character name and/or concept, but all else will fade away...


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ahhhh...rests......gotta loveum..*LOL* actually I'm looking forward to seeing everyone scramble to make up the tiers....*LOL* it's gonna be VERY interesting to say the least....*LOL*

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