The 2018 ENnies Voting Booth Is NOW OPEN!

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Daniel D. Fox

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel and I am the creator of Zweihander Grim & Perilous RPG.

Thank you for the ENnies nomination of Zweihander as 'Best Game' and 'Product of the Year'!

Appreciate your support, and best of luck to all the nominees!

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Daniel D. Fox

It's time to get out the vote for the 2018 ENnies!

Why you ask?

A number of smaller, DIY and OSR RPGs are in the top running this year. A victory in these awards means greater industry recognition and sales so that creators can make more cool RPG stuff.

So I am asking you to join me in #VoteENnies2018 by uploading a picture of yourself after voting - or even if you have already voted! Here are files you can use to overlay onto a photo of yourself. I'll start by posting my mug:

Transparent PNG:

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Daniel D. Fox

We are in the final hour of the ENnie Awards! Our line dev Adam and I want to personally thank you for voting Zweihander as:

Best Game
Product of the Year

We will see you all at the ENnies and GenCon!


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