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Kickstarter The Academy is open! Online D&D summer camp for kids ages 11-15


The Academy of Adventures is a five-day online summer camp for kids ages 11 to 15 to learn how to play one of the world's greatest roleplaying games! By backing this Kickstarter, you reserve one space at an online table of five young heroes as they learn the basics of roleplaying from longtime teacher, game designer, camp counselor and director Richard Malena-Webber and his team of counselors. Together, these heroes will spend one week learning how to create outstanding characters, working with others as part of a dynamic team, and achieving their fantastic adventuring goals!

Academy KS Header (4).png

The Academy of Adventures was founded in 2020 to ensure that kids could always have access to two powerful outlets for play and joy during their socially distant summertimes: Dungeons & Dragons and summer camp. Check out the campaign on Kickstarter! Academy of Adventures 2021: D&D Online Summer Camp!

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