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D&D 5E The actual adventuring day is 3-4 encounters per day, Wizards just last minute decided to make Easy Encounters from the playtest, the average.


As long as i get to be the frog
Check out the Spells per Day in the Playtest Packet vs the One in the PHB, and the spell preparation rules. Casters got way more spells prepped at low level, and more spells per day at higher level.
Can this info be shared as I don't have a playtest packet?

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Just because there is a standard doesn't mean there can't be exceptions. Those don't change that there is. I did reread it, and it does very specifically give a standard, both in the 6-8 and then the rest talking about daily XP budget.

Anyway, part of your claim was that nothing has ever been suggested which is patently shown false.
You are missing the point. The 6-8 count is only applicable in relation to the exp budget suggestion not the general overall game design. It's a rough guess on how much a party can handle resource wise. It's saying a party can  HANDLE X not a party MUST DO X.

The general guidelines are hidden but basically you don't need a minimum or maximum encounter count or difficulty type but you need the possibility, or the illusion of such, of more challenges at any given point. The game assumes the party is going to win any individual encounter barring long term horrible luck and poor decisions.


When you take champion, you crit on a 19 or 20. So every 10 swings or by the time you hit 5th level less than once every 5 rounds of combat (assuming action surges). My PC multi-classed into rogue and had two-weapon fighting. It was quite fun.
You crit 1 in 10 swings; but only 1 in 20 swings change because you are a Champion.

If you just pay attention to "did they swing and did the foe die from the swing", Champions are actually hard to tell apart from baseline Fighters. The impact of the crit ability is about as good as a battlemaster spending a single die per fight, and the BM gets 4 between every short rest.

By T4 with 18-20 crit range and 3-4 attacks/round and a magic item with extra damage dice (flametongue) it actually starts cating up to BM dice and being noticable.

But, "I crit" is fun. And if you attribute all of your Crits (not just the 19s) to being a Champion, I could see it feeling better than it is.
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