The Alliance of the Sword


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The gate keeper escorts Kalanyr onto the grounds. They walk through the old dojo grounds to the tower. Once inside they find the leader of the Alliance cleaning up and changing for the possiblility of yet another match.

"Kalanyr! It's good to meet you at last. I have heard tales of your prowess. And now I can see them to be true, for you have defeated several powerful foes and stand now only a single win from your red belt!

I will do all that I can to aid you in your quest. All you need do is dispatch an e-pigeon to me and give me a little time and I shall be there. I hope that you can achieve your red belt soon, but will always have a place for you here, green or red..."

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"Sadly I am no longer one win away, still I quest on. Thank you for offer of help my lord" Bowing Kalanur departs to seek another challenge.


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"Greetings, friend MidKnight! I am here to personally offer the services of the Sly Dagger dojo to your cause, as I promised before."


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MidKnight smiles as Sabaron strides through the tower. He can easily make out the new green belt that his former student wears.

"I knew I would see you wearing that color before long! You have always had the potenial for greatness. I would be honored to fly your banner above the battlements of the Tower of the Sword. I shall watch over you and your students and do what I can to aid you in your battles. Yours and mine are now one..."

MidKnight clasps the Knight's forearm before taking the flag. He personally walks up the steps to the top in order to hang the banner of the Sly Dagger Dojo next to the Alliance flag.

Epic Threats

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