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Release the Biggest small secret


Pssst… have you heard “the BIGGEST small secret”?
Gnew Binston - Wolfhill Entertainment | DriveThruRPG.com
Those lucky enough to have seen the metropolis of Gnew Binston with their own eyes have returned with tales of outlandish inventions capable of being imagined only by the Gnomish mind. But beyond the innocent tinkered gadgets and quirky machines lays a plot which may change the course of history, forever!

Gnew Binston is a 30 page, premade, drop in Gnomish metropolis, teeming with adventure, mystery, and quirkiness. Filled with fascinating scientific uniqueness, Players are able to explore 14 keyed locations which offer interesting plot hooks, NPC’s, and challenges.

  • Two full colour maps (2 Players and 2 Game Masters versions)
  • Metropolis background
  • 14 locations with plot hooks
  • A choice to help two competing factions
  • Suggestions on how Players find Gnew Binston, ideas for offshoot quests, NPC interaction, furry friends, original art, various treasure, a unique puzzle, etc.

Drop this Gnomish metropolis into any campaign and watch as it grows into a distinctive favorite.
Gnew Binston - Wolfhill Entertainment | DriveThruRPG.com
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