D&D 5E The BLAST: Spells of Evocation - Available Now on Dungeon Masters Guild


The BLAST: Spells of Evocation (5e)


Available now on Dungeon Masters Guild for $5.95

More than 200 magic spells from the school of Evocation for your Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

This is the third book in the [Spells of Magic] series by Johnny Tek.

The spells in this book were designed through a process of brainstorming and inspiration from popular fiction. As such, groups looking to expand their libraries of 5e spells will likely find something new and hopefully useful for their campaigns. Please feel free to leave comments, reviews, or even requests on the product page, as feedback may be considered in future updates of this book.

NOTE: The other two books in the series will be raised to new prices (from $3.95 to $5.95) on their next content updates, which will bring their spell counts over 200. Customers who have already purchased the books will not have to buy the products again or pay extra for the content updates.

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