The Blood War

Skarn Rapajya

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Stefan, you've limited Hostile encounters to four, but I was thinking . . . I'm working on an APL 5 Demon Incursion themed table for my current solo party and the Blood War came to mind. Do you think I might get away with 6-8 Hostiles, all of them random encounters in an outpost of the other side?

It could make for some REALLY interesting battles, since naturally the hostiles will gravitate towards attacking the dungeon natives.

Or do you think this would be better for a Monster Hunt where the party needs to slay the local ringleader, with the opposing force giving up after he's dead.

Hmmmm . . . ideas, ideas, ideas . . . I'm going to have to work with this one. :cool:


I'm creating a new Special Quest which will vastly alter several standard DB rules. It will be an epic style quest which can scale to any APL, but it will likely be quite deadly. At least one encounter table themed to this quest will be created and posted after this quest is completed.
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