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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Spending spells or spell slots to improve Wild Shape falls apart with multiclassing. If the druid multiclasses with a spellcaster then they can still augment their wild spapes in more or better ways as they level than if they multiclass with a non-spellcasting class, despite not actually being any better at being a druid. Having class features be fueled by spells or especially spell slots is bad design, in my opinion.
That’s a feature of the design, not a bug.

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Also why is the moon Druid unable to cast all its spells? It’s the Druid gish subclass, but it is less functional than the Bladesinger.


I really don’t like the mr potato head proposal of starting with a few generic templates and plugging in extra abilities. Thematically, I think the base Druid ability should be shapeshifting into animals, not spider/bear/constrictor hybrids, etc.

My take on the wildshapes as a stat block change below. You pick one of three stat blocks and each block has 3 unique types that you get to choose from. There are also Sea and Air choices for each block as well. Sentinel gives you the the best AC and tanky options, Predator gives you the best damage and offensive bonuses, and Trickster lets you be tricky (shocker) at the cost of AC and damage. These aren't perfect by any stretch. I just think they impart a better idea of what wildshape stat blocks should look like if WotC goes this route. You can also come up with your own type(s) and slap them on to these. I know there are ideas missing like a constrictor snake, bat, or electric eel that would require some re-fluffing or a bit of homebrew.

Spoilers due to the size of the stat blocks.
Sentinel WIldshape Stat Block.png

Predator WIldshape Stat Block.png

Trickster WIldshape Stat Block.png

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