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Kickstarter The Captain's Logbook: 5E High Seas Adventure & Shipbuilding


First Post

Tabletop RPG fans, take note! The Kickstarter campaign for “The Captain’s Logbook” has set its sails. This ambitious 5E supplement promises to enrich your Dungeons & Dragons experience with the thrill of the high seas.

Your Voyage Awaits

Dive into over 200 pages of content that will take you to the Tempestholm Archipelago, a place of legend and mystery. Here, the sea whispers secrets and treasures hide in the deep. But the archipelago is more than a series of islands to explore; it’s a call to adventure that stretches the very fabric of 5E.

Shipbuilding and Sea Battles

Become a master shipwright with detailed shipbuilding mechanics. Design your vessel from hull to sail, even choosing your armaments. Engage in nuanced naval warfare with an intuitive system that rewards strategy and wit.


Monsters and Classes of the Deep

Encounter sea beasts and embrace new nautical classes. Your character can take on fresh roles, making each journey unique. Plus, the included Physical Captain’s Logbook offers a tactile experience. It’s replete with riddles and hand-drawn art, enriching the lore and gameplay.


Early Bird Treasures

Act quickly! Pledge within the first 48 hours to grab exclusive early bird rewards. These special treasures are as coveted as the rarest loot from sunken galleons.

Digital and Print Horizons

The digital version of “The Captain’s Logbook” will launch in six months. Its printed counterpart will follow six months later. Both editions promise to bring new life to your gaming table.

Join the Crew

This 30-day Kickstarter quest is about community and a shared love for epic tales. The team behind “The Captain’s Logbook” invites you to help set the course. Support the campaign, and you’ll be part of something groundbreaking in the world of 5E

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