The changing of the season

So my (on-line) Zweihander campaign, set in a modified Harn, ended this week after 43 weekly sessions. PC goals had been realized, and it was time to wrap things up.

Next week, we start a historical Flames of Freedom campaign (minus the secret societies, magic, and core book occult; a different occult has been substituted).

I find there is always a great deal of satisfaction in bringing a campaign to a conclusion, mixed with regrets of paths not taken or situations not exploited as well as I could have. New campaigns are a welcome change in pace (I'm burned out on fantasy) and a bit of nervousness, because I have to be concerned whether the group dynamic will once again gel (although the same players are involved).

The players, to judge from the extensive discussions on Discord and detailed player backgrounds, seem enthused.

It is both a time of satisfaction and trepidation.

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