The Chaos Effect updated 10/11/05 Exit the Dungeon + New Players intro


Kerrick and Clang have crossed. Rashliegh goes next. Then as Spike begins Tamin hears something. He concentrates to hear but doesn't hear anything more. The echoes make it very hard to hear weell. The sound seemed to come from everywhere and yet no where also. Moments go by and nothing. Spike completes his crossing then Tamin crosses quickly. Lastly, Vander begins to cross. Kerrick now swears he can hear something.

"These chambers make detection very difficult!"

Vander crosses successfully.

Gathered together once more you peer down the side passages into the dark with caution and see nothing. You peer ahead and see the next pit trap that once more has a board going across it.

"How many more?!?"

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Clang, still using his powers continues across and turns and waits.

This time the borad has no ropes. It is merely a 12 ft long board that is six inches wide and about 2 inches thick. The pit is ten foot across and goes to the wall. One could possibly jump across since it is only ten foot across. The pit is very deep.


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First Post
"Well, I'll probably fall into the pit, if I try to jump across so I'll just make my way across the board..." Spike says and starts crossing the pit as slowly and safely as possible.

OOC: No way he'd ever make it across that pit with a succesful Jump check with his low movement speed, armor check penalty and semi-poor Strength score ;)


The man with the probe
"Perhaps if we tied a rope around each person as the crossed, and if they fall, we can hold on and keep them from falling into the pit." Vander proposes. "I'd be willing to cross first and then help anchor from the other side. Clang and I should be able to handle most of you. Or mayhaps Tamin should cross first, and then myself."


First Post
Spike pauses before stepping on the board and looks at Vander: "I think you got a point there, Vander." Spike steps back and lets the other get across.


Kerrick and Clang hold onto one end of rope as everyone attaches themselves to it. Vander begins to cross when Kerrick suddenly turns nearly letting go of the rope. (Listen 25) "I heard voices!"

Suddenly the air is alive with small spears being thrown. Vander nearly falls in (Bal 12) as a spear bounces off of the board before him.

Tamin turns (List 16) as he hears something behind and to the sides of him.

Rashliegh grunts as a spear grazes his leg tearing his outfit and some flesh. Small figures dart in and out of the gloom all around you.


Next TWO Actions:

Clang and Kerrick on one side

Vander tied to all but Clang and Kerrick and half way across the board

Rashliegh, Spike and Tamin on the other side.

Attacks are coming from front, back and the right side.

Already rolled for IDing the attackers and all failed. Second roll if any get into the light.


First Post
"Well, our pesky attackers are back..." Spike says, seemingly unimpressed by his opponent's martial skills, while drawing his greatsword from its scabbard on his back and moves into a defensive position. "Dare you face me in honorable combat, you pitiful worm?"

Turn 1: Draws greatsword, goes into total defense (+4 dodge bonus to AC) and activates motivate ardor aura (+1 on weapon damage rolls).
Turn 2: If an enemy gets within 10 ft. of him, Spike will engage, otherwise he'll maintain his total defense and guard the others as they get across the board.


Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
Tamin motions with his weapon, "They're coming from... there... and there... ?" He prepares himself for an attack, ready to strike back immediately.

Turn 1: Going defensive (+2 AC) and holding an action to hit them when the come close (hoping on their charging so I can also take advantage of their -2 AC while negating their +2 attack :D ) +6 to hit, 1d4+6 damage.
Turn 2: No more full defensive, trying to hit with TWF. +8/+8, d4+5/d4+4, 18/x2.

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