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The Coin Dice Are Coming Soon (and a Thank You to a Fellow Member)


Hello again, it has been a while. I'm Chuck Stover, an artist and dice designer. I started designing dice back in 2009 as a result of this EN World thread by user Nytmare. I built up a portfolio of dice sets until, in 2014, I quit my factory job to design and produce dice full time. The Shapeways team brought be with them to several events as a 3D printing ambassador, including GenCon. It has been a fun and interesting 15 years of dice design. Thanks again, Nytmare, for posting the thread that started me down this road.

My next project is going to be the Forest Kingdom Coin dice, a full seven-die TTRPG set in cast metal:


They are all trapezohedrons (like a d10) but squashed. They are read like a d10 as well, with the top number being the result:


If you would like more information or to be notified when the campaign launches, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page. Thanks!

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Here are three of my current favorites. First, the Helix d20 (shown here in cast brass):


Second, the Thorn V2 d20 (in cast bronze):


And third, the Labyrinthine d6. There is one valid path starting at the "1" that passes through the sides in order until it ends at the "6" (shown here in 3D-printed steel):

Labyrinth Die6 - Steel2 - Web.jpg

I have designed 28 sets so far and many singletons. Most are available as STL files for those who wish to print at home, and I have converted five of my sets for free use with Tabletop Simulator. Links to the physical prints, STL files, and free versions are all at my Made by Wombat site.


David Jose
These are amazing. I'm glad that I've managed to be a good influence on someone out there. Typically I usually only get mentioned like this when someone's looking for bail money.

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