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I like the Storyhour forum, simply because Piratecat, Sepulchrave, and the Jester post the stories of their group's adventures there (Piratecat's originally being the one that drew me over here from the WotC boards to ENWorld).

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The House Rules forum. For starters i is a veritable gold mine full of ideas. It is also great to get feedback on your own ideas.


That would be rules hands down. It helped me understand both editions of the game much faster than by any other media/means.


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Rules, for me. I like to see the varying interpretations that people have of the printed rules as well as the forum's ability to clarify many of the vagaries I seem to find in the core rules.



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I'm a fan of Creature Collection- Homebrews, because I make a lot of monsters and I like to share them with everyone else.

Demiurge out.


My favorite forum is D&D Rules because a) there are a lot of knowledgable people that can help me to interpret the rules, and b) I can see debates on what is too powerful/not powerful enough that are intelligent.


The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books, Movies and TV forum. I read way more than is healthy for me, and am always looking for new book recommendations and discussions on the ones I've read. Same goes for movies.


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PLaying hte game and talking the talk, because I get to play there. Second to that are the publishers forums. It gives a chance to see cool stuff coming out, open calls and the e-publishers forum is filled with all sorts of great info.


Storyhour - it's the forum that first drew me into ENWOrld with Wulf Ratbane's great tale. If I am short on time it is the one place I always check.


I think I like the d20 OGL and Publishers forum second best, because I can find all sorts of news and previews there, including answers from the publishers themselves.


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I'm down with the story hour forum. Its great reading, but it angers me that I can't write as well as most of them, and with such staying power. Darn you Pkitty!!!!

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