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DMs Guild The Curse of Undermountain (A level 1 to 20 campaign)


I just released The Curse of Undermountain, a full campaign (level 1 to 20), that takes place inside Undermountain.


Updated rooms, new rooms, a new level, 27 maps, 32 NPCs, 3 artifacts, 2 new monsters, and more!

Deep into the Realms largest mass grave, the Mad Wizard will hear your screams as the shadows close in...
A terrible dark curse spreads across Faerûn, and its origin, as well as the only way to stop it, lies deep into Undermountain.
The Curse of Undermountain is a level 1 to 20 campaign, which takes place inside the most famous dungeon in the Realms.
Using the Waterdeep - Dungeon of the Mad Mage supplement as a base (although any elements from other editions of the dungeon may be incorporated), The Curse of Undermountain features a complete campaign, featuring:
  • A guide for the DM to convey the atmosphere inside a dungeon, with valuable tips to take advantage of the full potential of these dark and dangerous enviroments;
  • Updates and new events in several of the classic rooms of the dungeon's 23 known levels (including high definition maps of all levels and Skullport);
  • New rooms introduced in almost all classic levels;
  • A new dungeon level;
  • 3 versions of Undermountain: the physical dungeon, the living dungeon and the shadow dungeon;
  • 9 new NPCS (with portraits and statblocks), both allies and antagonists, which can also be reused in other adventures or campaigns;
  • 5 groups of adventurers (including backgrounds, portraits and statblocks) that can serve as allies or rivals of the players, and also inserted in other adventures or campaigns;
  • Base for a new creature, the Shade;
  • 2 new monsters: Shade and Living Wall (with the Living Dungeon variation);
  • 3 new artifacts: Wand of Multiplication, Shadowseeker and Dark Tablet of Fate;
Additionally, the 27 maps contained in the book are presented in poster format.


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