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Release The Dark Lonesome: The Ariel Sector Sourcebook is now available!

The Dark Lonesome is now available! The book is now available as a PDF on Drive-thru RPG and as a PDF or a print preorder at the Independence Games webstore!

DTRPG (PDF only): The Dark Lonesome: The Ariel Sector Sourcebook - Independence Games | Clement Sector Third Edition | DriveThruRPG.com

Independence Games Webstore (PDF only): Dark Lonesome: The Ariel Sector Sourcebook (PDF)

IG Webstore (Softcover Preorder and PDF): Dark Lonesome: The Ariel Sector Sourcebook (Softcover)

IG Webstore (Hardcover Preorder and PDF): Dark Lonesome: The Ariel Sector Sourcebook (Hardcover)

Keep in mind that if you preorder a physical copy, you get the PDF at the time you preorder at no extra cost.

Welcome to Ariel Sector!

Ariel Sector, located to coreward of Clement Sector, is generally regarded to be an empty wilderness by those in Clement Sector. However, Ariel Sector has a variety of small settlements scattered throughout the sector which vary from mining colonies to pirate bases, from trading posts to scientific research stations.

Meet the waldläufers, independent explorers who feel the call of the wild or, as they say, "The Dark Lonesome" where they go to commune with the untamed nature of the worlds of Ariel Sector and escape the constant connection to other people. Encounter those on "The Liar's Trail" who are wanted for crimes in Clement Sector who have gone to Ariel Sector to hide from the authorities or start a new life. Discover the settlers that have left Clement Sector to find fortune in the mineral wealth of Ariel Sector and the scientists who have found evidence of previous alien life in the sector. Engage with the gunslingers who roam from settlement to settlement showing off how fast they are with a laser pistol.

Ariel Sector provides all the information to expand your Clement Sector game into nearby Ariel Sector with maps, random event tables, and details of what your characters may find in Ariel Sector all while leaving portions of the sector available for the Referee to imagine more possibilities. The book includes full details of some of the most interesting sites in Ariel Sector as well as career tracks for the waldläufers and gunslingers who make the sector their home. Here you can learn about the potential war brewing between New Perth and Minerva as well as the various legends which have sprung up about Ariel Sector, the Dark Lonesome.

Heed the call of the Dark Lonesome!

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