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Release The Design Mechanism: 4th July Releases: In High Dudgeon (Lyonesse) & Meeros Doomed (Mythras)

As a special 4th July treat, we're delighted to release two brand new adventures for Lyonesse and Mythras: 'In High Dudgeon', and 'Meeros Doomed'. Both are available via DrivethruRPG and our own website, in Print on Demand and PDF formats (you get the PDF free when buying the print copy).

In High Dudgeon

In High Dudgeon - Design Mechanism | Scenarios | Lyonesse | DriveThruRPG.com
The Design Mechanism

An adventure for Lyonesse

$5.99 PDF, $9.99 POD, Colour, 36 pages

Games Without Frontiers...

Every year, the villages of High and Low Dudgeon meet for the midsummer games. Every year for the past 10 years, Low Dudgeon has lost. The villagers are suspicious; what is High Dudgeon's secret? Could it be magic? Could it be some secret training technique? Is it outright cheating? Enter the intrepid characters, visiting the villages to enjoy the games, but drawn into the intrigue of Low Dudgeon's misfortune. And if the true source of High Dudgeon's success isn't found before the current games end - well, things could get ugly.

In High Dudgeon is a Lyonesse scenario for 2-6 characters, and involves a high degree of investigation and social interaction. The adventure is complete with maps, and a plethora of colourful non-player characters. Also included are four pre-generated characters - Madam Neneveh's Festive Fellows - designed for use with the adventure.

High Dudgeon Cover .jpg

Meeros Doomed

Meeros Doomed - Design Mechanism | Scenarios | Campaign Settings | DriveThruRPG.com

The Design Mechanism

$4.99 PDF, $9.99 POD, Premium Colour. 28 pages.

The City State of Meeros lies broken. Queen Herathos wants the renegade priestess, Kara, brought to justice to atone for her treachery. The characters are tasked with venturing to distant Kopash, and charged with making her arrest.

But is all as it seems? Powerful forces are plotting to destroy Meeros completely, and those who have protected the city may well be the ones who secure its doom.

The characters must uncover traitors, travel into monster-infested swamps, confront sorcerous fiends, and perhaps even ally themselves with Meeros' ancient foes, the Badoshi Warlords, if they are to avenge the Doom that has come to Meeros!

This mini-campaign follows on directly from events found in the Mythras core rules, and the scenarios Sarinaya's Curse, and Meeros Falling, although it can also be played stand-alone.

Meeros Doomed Cover.jpg

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