Kickstarter The Era of the Elementals - an Avatar the Last Airbender & DND inspired TTRPG now on Kickstarter

Gegalix Halcyon

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Like many, i'm a huge fan of Avatar The Last Airbender, as well as Dungeons and Dragons.
I feel that we need more Element themed dungeon crawling tabletop RPG's, and so I made The Era of the Elementals.
The plot is simple. The players are stolen from Earth and taken to the planet of the Elementals.
From there the players can choose one of 16 starting elements. As the campaign progresses they can learn more elements.
Elemental Tags.png
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A big theme of the game is simplicity. I wanted to keep things simple for newer players.
I also did a Q&A interview about the game. In it we talk about details such as the games mechanics/the cultures of the elementals. It can be found here:

Here is the link to the Kickstarter!
I'd appreciate even just a 1$ Donation!
The first 50 Pledgers will get a free special booklet with exclusive information about both the World of the Elementals AND version of Earth that the players are taken from.

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