Release The Fish-Folk Fan Club - A New Warlock Patron from Duckslayer Games!

Hey everyone!

Got a new release for you this week, the Fish-Folk Fan Club!

FFFC cov.jpg

The world has many strange and bizarre creatures in it, and the Multiverse expands that into the infinite. And somewhere along the infinite strands of fate, your life has become intertwined with that of a group of Fish-Folk, and they came to think of you as a Hero.

Somewhere in the deep caves of the world, there sits a bard - perhaps the most well-loved bard that ever lived.

Each night, he holds forth from his chair, reciting the great deeds of a Hero to his adoring audience. His words fall like soft rain, or like heaving thunder, and his audience is held in rapt attention at every deed of the great Hero.

And each morning, the bard desperately improvises the next part of the story, cobbling it together in the flickering light of a few candles, hoping that his next performance will not be his last, and that his audience will be satisfied enough to not kill and eat him.

For this Audience is made up of Fish-Folk. They have built their lives, their religeon, and their immensely powerful belief around the Hero of which the bard speaks. They believe, as utterly and as absolutely as any ever could, in the tales of this Hero that the bard has counjured from their imagination.

And what the Fish-Folk believe to be true, becomes true.

And that, my Friend, is You.​

Perhaps you were the inspiration that started this Bard’s desperate tale, which he has since woven into a convoluted and impossibly exaggeration of your abilities, and since the Fish-Folk started to believe in your abilities, your Abilities have grown. Or, perhaps you did not exist until the Bard spoke of you, and you popped into existence along with all of the History that the Fish-Folk believed that you had.

To them, you are a mighty hero, capable of great feats - you can walk on water, summon lightning, call a pegasus to your side and bring the dead back to life; your weapon is a brand of bright justice in the world, and there is no task you cannot accomplish!

Either way, your powers come from the Fish-Folks absolute belief in your abilities - they believe you can do it, so you can do it and that is simply that. You may never even meet them - the Bard may sing of your deeds for years to come, and teach the Fish-Folk to do the same, and embellish their stories of you with new acts of heroism, new abilities, and miracles. They may narrate your whole life, or form a religeon centered around the Hero, or they may move on, leaving you with the powers they gave you to forge your own story in the reality to which they called you.

Find it on DrivethruRPG Here!

(Also, does anyone know how to change the thread titles on this forum? I'd love to make one thread and add to it rather than making a new one each time!)

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