ZEITGEIST The Flint Irregulars, whose portraits you may have seen

Bah, shooting one of these ain't hard. Let me show ya.

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Last night was the battle against the bizarre psychic creatures called forth from Simon's wand. I didn't adjust anything, so it was a 1,250 XP encounter for 4 level 5 players -- making it just about level 7. It pushed them pretty much to the limit; the worm maw grabbed and mauled Vesta, infecting him with Distant Madness, and dropped Vesta twice. Most of the other PCs were down in single-digit HP by the end of the fight, with few surges and no encounter/daily powers left. But they managed to save both the dwarf child and Simon.

I noticed that Distant Madness doesn't list any ways for other players or NPCs to aid the affected PC. I'm thinking of doing a simple skill challenge for finding someone qualified and having them assist; Reginald's connections to the psychadelic drug trade could be a boon there. ;) (His player spends a lot of his stipend on consumables.)


I backed Admiral o' the High Seas to get zeppelins in it. But my players backed it to get me in it!

They always seem to enjoy the sessions, but I'm actually pretty insecure about my live (and Google+ hangout) DMing -- I don't always do voices, nor do I always RP social stuff verbatim. I also feel like I have a hard time creating atmosphere. But I guess my players think I'm a good DM, and I really appreciate that coming from them. :)

We haven't been able to play most of this month, since I've been working 12 hr night shifts and haven't had a day off since the start of the month. But I'm hoping that soon -- maybe next week, maybe the week after -- I'll be able to get back to Lanjyr and continue on with Digging for Lies.

This has also sparked some long-range thoughts. My girlfriend and I backed the Reaper Minis Kickstarter as well, and I specifically requested a clockwork dragon. I'm hoping that somewhere in late Paragon or early Epic I can get the players together for a live game, and run a high-stakes side adventure with a clockwork dragon battle being the climax. I'm thinking that they'll have to hunt the dragon down in a zeppelin, perhaps after having joined me and the crew of my zeppelin-hunter ship Serenity to track down and commandeer the world's only zeppelin, the secret creation of a wealthy industrialist...


We had a short session a couple of weeks ago, and are going to continue tonight. The last session was basically just clean-up after the battle. The questions around Rock Rackus' stray bullet, the realization that Simon's staff triggered the conjuration, and that the staff is made of gold! Additional RHC staffers showed up to collect the dead creatures and confiscate any "suspicious" magical gear.

One of those staffers may be a new PC with transfer orders from Stover Delft... Bela, a star pact warlock gunslinger and experienced RHC officer whose current squad is on the Macbannin case and getting nowhere fast. Delft, who has worked with Bela for years, trusts him and his work, and thinks he's being wasted on Saxby's Macbannin assignment. When he catches wind of the audit, some dots connect: Bela received a minor commendation from Nigel Price-Hill some years ago for a past case, and this is a perfect opportunity to get Bela into the PCs squad. He trusts the PCs squad already, because they brought him up to speed on Morgan Cippiano's overtures to them. Adding Bela will help them earn Nigel Price-Hill's trust during the audit, and Delft wants to see the PCs squad succeed -- he wants them to breeze through the audit and put it behind them so that he can persuade Saxby to give them a real case.

Little does he know that they already have one...


Good session last night. We started where we left off, and I had Bela arrive with his transfer papers. The PCs weren't hard to find, since there was still quite a commotion at the Gun Alley Stage where the battle had taken place. They recognized Bela, although most of them didn't know him well. Vesta recalled that Bela had received a commendation from Nigel Price-Hill, and that his nickname was Knock Knock. It was kind of an amusing instance of dice reflecting reality; our game group is now comprised of three couples, one of which is Vesta's player and Bela's player.

When asked about his nickname, Bela -- who is trained in thievery -- said simply that he can be somewhat impatient, and lockpicking takes time.

After some discussion about the lack of progress in the Macbannin case and the amount of paperwork left behind by the PCs squad for Bela's squad, they got back to work. Reginald posthumously questioned the dead docker, which gave me a chance to have some fun with my best stoner voice. "Those Family guys, man, they're really cornering the fey pepper supply."

Then they headed for the subrail construction site and their meeting with Kaja. Reginald bluffed his way in and examined the wares, buying three potions of lesser haste and the Amulet of the Ancients. After returning to the squad, they decided to hide and wait for the next buyer. When a hapless halfling arrived to make a purchase, they waited until Kaja opened the chest and then attacked.

Kaja was pretty fun to run in combat, although my crappy rolls made it tougher. The players called foul when she pulled out the cannon, which I used to drop the party's leader, the goliath runepriest Viveen. However, she didn't have to make too many death saves, because Vesta charged in and kept Kaja occupied for long enough for the group to take her down.

Her surrender was followed by a very short interrogation before the constables realized they weren't going to get much of anything out of her. They checked out the smuggled goods, but couldn't figure out too much about the artifacts beyond that they were created by the Ancients.

There was a bit of discussion about how to cure Vesta's Distant Madness. Bela suggested taking him to the skyseers, and the other players agreed that maybe taking him to the orc shaman who helped them in The Dying Skyseer could yield something. At that point, we called it a night.

The introduction of Bela went really well. I think the character will be a good fit with the squad, and I'm looking forward to the wrinkles his introduction will add to the audit subplot.


Had another session on Wednesday. The constables sent a runner to Nevard's henge to make contact with Pazumu the orc shaman and ask if she or anyone else there could help with Vesta's distant madness. Then they took Kaja back to HQ and locked her up. Since my players tend to act like adventurers rather than constables -- they never just work crowds, rarely do insight checks when talking to NPCs, etc -- I decided to see what I could get away with, and had her lie to them, completely leaving out her role in R&D as well as her subsequent dealings with Lorcan Kell. She pretended that she was just a fence, and told them that Macbannin was her only supplier. With his operation gone, she was just selling off her stock and then planned to leave town.

Not one PC elected to make a single insight check at any point during this line of questioning, so they'll be pretty surprised when they get letters demanding her release!

They also didn't find the rusted ring. I think they're going to be pretty mad when she dies. :D

Then they went to check in with Delft, updating him on the situation. He shook his head, saying "You couldn't have waited one more day to find a link to the Macbannin case?" He then explained that the Lord Viscount was here and that they were going to have to go up to Saxby's office.

The Lord Viscount was pleased to see Bela, and also pleased to see that a Yerasol Veteran was on the squad. He said he was confident that they wouldn't find anything on a squad with such upstanding officers (while Reginald squirmed and hoped they wouldn't search his home and find his massively oversized stash of consumables). The PCs managed to escape the meeting without alerting Lady Saxby to the fact that their current mission had turned up a new link to Macbannin.

They then headed back downstairs to test out the Ancients' artifacts inside one of the gold rings, to prevent any inadvertent summonings. After some experimentation with test dummies, they decided to take the artifacts to Professor Kindleton at Pardwright University, who will of course direct them to Pardwright Museum and the next plot hook... :)


Back at it in the new year! Pure RP tonight.

First, the PCs decided to call on Nathan Jierre, hoping he might know something about Distant Madness. Unfortunately, he didn't, but he reminded them of a few things they'd forgotten -- the "blue sun" events on Axis Island, and he and Bela talked shop for a little bit. They talked a bit about the Ancients as well.

Then they went to talk to Pazumu, who offered a herbal concoction to help calm Vesta's dreams and stave off the Distant Madness. They also showed her the artifacts, but they were "too old" for her, and made her uncomfortable. Talking to one of the skyseers at the henge, they confirmed the artifacts' provenance but little more.

From there, it was off to Pardwight. Professor Kindleton was happy to see the PCs again, and after hearing their tale, offered her assistance in the study of the dead monsters. She also referred them to Hans Weber at the Museum of Natural History for questions about the Ancients -- with an admonishment that they should butter him up but not mention that she sent them.

At the Museum, they found Weber obsessively polishing an artifact. My girlfriend actually asked me to stop the polishing (I was polishing a glass with a piece of cloth) because she thought it was creepy, which was high praise! :D They had an extensive discussion with Weber about the Ancients, and then when they brought out their artifacts, Weber identified them as being from Xambria's expedition. That led to a conversation about the ziggurat, Xambria, and what Weber knew about her/her expedition. Ultimately, he said he would arrange for them to meet Xambria the next day.

After returning the artifacts to the RHC, the PCs turned in for the night, and woke up to letters from Lorcan Kell demanding the release of Kaja Stewart. Reginald immediately used his Spirit Medium ability to sense the history of the letter he received, but due to crappy Perception roll wasn't able to identify the location where the letter was written as the Theatre of Scoundrels. Still, he got some inklings that the letter was from a criminal source. He decided to find a sketch artist and have the location drawn so the other constables could try to ID it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the squad went to check in at RHC HQ and found out about Kaja. Murdok received the letter from the Colonel asking for the monsters' bodies to be turned over to the Risuri military, and seemed to think that would be a good idea. When they went downstairs to see Kaja's body, Murdok was very unimpressed with the guards' excuse that they were "distracted" by another prisoner -- long enough for Kaja to hang herself? Something doesn't add up... they started to do some looking around, but that was where we stopped.


These last few updates have been a bit scattered for me, life has been busy. We're playing again next Wednesday and hopefully I'll have a bit more in the way of DM commentary -- this isn't really a "story hour," it's partly for me to remind myself what happened and partly for other DMs to see how one party handled these situations. I'll try to get back to providing a bit more in the way of concrete thoughts for other DMs.

On that note, since there are no explicitly defined routes for the PCs to get from Xambria to Caius in Act 1 -- not that getting to Caius is necessary -- I'm planning to have the easiest option be one of Reginald's contacts:

Maitland is Reginald’s youngest uncle on his father’s side. He is a purveyor for the palace, and though he traveled widely in this role during his youth, he has spent virtually all of his time at court in the past decade, working in a managerial role. He is very much a player in court politics, and is well disposed toward Reginald (it was he who pulled the strings to get Reginald his position in the colonial outpost).

This contact seems like he'd be a good fit for someone who might be up on where Caius could be found, if Reginald's player thinks of it.


Distant Madness
I forgot to mention in my last update that Vesta made his distant madness save, and was cured. The players had been very paranoid about the possible effects of distant madness and asked everyone they could think of for help before their first extended rest. In a way, it was a bit of a letdown that Vesta made the save and the whole thing just ended. Of course, there's no reason to think someone else won't contract it again later on...

Session Overview
After a one-week delay, we had a third session of pure RP last week. Almost all of it was spent in the basement of RHC HQ investigating the mysterious death of Kaja Stewart. Murdok repeatedly and bluntly expressed her extreme disappointment with the guards, and by the end of the browbeating the guards were all looking miserable and humiliated. Whether this will play well for the squad in the future remains to be seen...

Murdok and Viveen spent an inordinate amount of time talking to the insane eschatologist dwarf who the guards claimed distracted them by throwing a fit. Murdok played bad cop to Viveen's good cop. They weren't able to confirm their suspicions that the dwarf had distant madness, nor get much in the way of useful information from him -- even when they later spoke to the squad investigating the murders he'd committed.

Their inspection of the death scene revealed essentially nothing, but they were still confident that it wasn't a suicide, so they waited for Reginald to arrive. When he did, he presented the sketches, and Viveen correctly IDed the letter-writer as a member of Lorcan Kell's guild. Suddenly, the constables were filled with regrets about having declined Morgan Cippiano's offer to hire the dragonborn arsonists on their behalf to burn down the Theatre of Scoundrels. Although Bela wisely noted that given the audit, the decision was probably for the best.

Reginald communed with Kaja's spirit. Upon realizing that she was dead, she decided to tell him that she hadn't been forthcoming when they spoke the previous day. Reginald's first question was "what can we do to bring justice to your spirit," to which her reply was "kill the bastards that offed me." She explained her true role in Macbannin's schemes as the designer of his witchoil refining mechanism, and admitted that she had been working with Kell to try and track down whoever Macbannin had been working with/for -- albeit with no success.

The constables then checked in with Delft. After a somewhat mild Delft ass-chewing at having "let" another prisoner die in their care, they brought him up to speed. He perked up when he heard about Xambria and the archaeological expedition, and that Reginald's visions from one of the artifacts tied them to Macbannin, because "this could get you out of the city -- and the papers."

Leaving Delft's office, they were approached by a member of Bela's former squad, still on the Macbannin case -- Carlao. He asked if they would come with him to have a look at a scene they just discovered, involving a destroyed golem...

DM Notes
Perception and Insight aren't my PCs' strong suit. They rarely think of making other checks when studying bodies/crime scenes, and only occasionally make Insight checks when talking to -- or even interrogating! -- NPCs. I've made oblique suggestions along these lines before, but they're still fairly credulous, even when I feel like incredulity would be called for. I suppose it's better than the opposite problem, and it gives me some great moments. My players were all absolutely stunned by Kaja's posthumous confession.

Do the dragonborn arsonists make any more appearances, or can I just use them as I see fit?


Cool. I'll post what I end up doing with them, so other DMs who haven't already integrated them somewhere else have another option.


Four sessions in a row without a fight, and my players keep telling me how much fun they're having. Great work, guys. :) This one was actually last week, I just hadn't had a chance to make notes. We're planning to play again on Wednesday night.

Session Overview (Digging for Lies, Act 1)

When we ended last time, Bela's former squadmates had contacted the party and asked them to look at an unusual murder scene. In the basement of a steel mill, they found a dessicated corpse and a shattered golem. They spent quite a lot of time examining the scene, and were able to draw some reasonable conclusions, including links to whatever group Macbannin was working with/for.

From there, they went to meet with Dr Xambria Meredith. She was interested in talking to the RHC, especially since the constables mentioned that they planned to go to the dig site. She spoke about what happened there, albeit with some difficulty, gaps, and odd pauses where she stared off into space or questioned them about phantom noises. Once they moved on to questions about the Ancients in general, she became much more enthusiastic, although she was forced to admit that her theory about them is somewhat speculative and has only circumstantial evidence to support it.

DM Notes
I took this opportunity to give my players a nudge about using checks other than Perception when investigating crime scenes. When someone asked to examine the body using Perception, I explicitly called for a Heal check instead. This led to a small flurry of other ideas from them and they ended up uncovering a fair bit of information. OTOH, they're investing in a couple of diadems of perception or something like that with their level 6 stipend. ;)

I did give the PCs Insight rolls to recall that they had seen someone with Magneto-like powers before, because the scene with Quital happened a long time ago, but it isn't something their characters would have forgotten. I wasn't sure if it would be better to do that or to wait until Quital shows up again and enjoy watching the light bulbs going on, but as it turned out, it got the players thinking and speculating about the big picture, which they seemed to enjoy. For other DMs, I'd say make the judgment based on your players and what you think they would enjoy more.

I had spent a lot of time preparing for the meeting with Xambria, and had extensive character notes on how to play her and what knowledge she had/was willing to share. I tried not to overplay her odd behaviour, for a couple of reasons: first I wanted to leave the PCs wondering whether it was a result of the trauma, of Distant Madness, or something else; second, I wanted to stretch my DM acting range a bit and try for genuine pathos. I think it was successful, although I haven't asked the players about it yet.

No questions this time, but then I haven't read Act Two in detail yet, so I may come back with some about the dungeon crawl.
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Five sessions without a fight!

Session Overview (Digging for Lies, Act 1/2)
This session covered Act 1 cleanup and travel to the Ziggurat of Apet. After the meeting with Xambria, the PCs received stipends for the upcoming trip (and leveled up to 6), and did some shopping. Most of the mundane and common items were readily obtained, but a few of the less common requests required some time spent hunting around the more obscure shops, which in turn meant delaying their departure by a day.

The next morning, a couple of constables were approached by nosy neighbours, with eerily similar news: their residences appeared to be under surveillance by ne'er-do-wells.

While Reginald and Bela hunted around Flint for a pair of magical goggles and a psionic orb, the other constables obtained a cart and hauled the bodies of the otherworldly monsters to a Risuri military outpost. They were greeted by Tolyayle, one of Murdok's military college friends, who turned out to be working for the colonel who requested the cadavers. Tolyayle listened to Murdok's description with interest, and promised to forward the military's findings to the RHC.

En route, Vesta told the others about the letter he'd received instructing him to kill Rock Rackus. He believed it to be a fake, because the Vekeshi don't normally communicate in this manner. The constables agreed to alert the local police (holding Rock Rackus on suspicion of muder/manslaughter) to the possibility of an attempt on his life, without mentioning the Vekeshi. In light of the recent high-profile deaths at RHC HQ, they were able to persuade the police to transfer Rackus to a maximum security cell and post additional guards.

The PCs told the same story to Delft, who was (secretly) somewhat suspicious, but believed them because they have so far played things very straight with him (generally leaving nothing out of their reports).

Murdok returned home to talk to Agnes Mildew, her nosiest cat lady neighbour with a fondness for decorative spoons, and persuaded her to keep an eye on Murdok's place while she was out of town -- in exchange for a decorative spoon from Bole, of course.

Then they set out, renting most of a car on the red-eye overnight train to Bole. Bole proved to be a quiet backwater, where they actually had to wake up the duty officer at the RHC office to ask some questions. He'd heard about the expedition, but only thirdhand, so he didn't have any useful information for the PCs. He did tell them about their biggest local headache, a dispute over logging rights in an area east of Bole, between a new conglomerate and the forest fey.

Then it was onward to Agate. Some asking around in Agate corroborated Xambria's story, but also revealed that a well-equipped group had passed through quietly a couple of weeks ago, removing something that sounded suspiciously like a giant golden seal.

Not to be deterred, the constables hired pole boats and pressed on into the High Bayou. Thanks to Murdok's uncanny navigation abilities (unerring internal compass), they made the best possible time to the campsite and were only mildly fatigued upon arrival.

The sight of the ziggurat, however, was another matter. There was a wrongness about it that assaulted their minds, leaving three constables (Bela, Murdok, and Viveen) afflicted with Distant Madness...

DM Notes
I had fun with the country bumpkin RHC officer in Bole, snoring in my chair until the players "woke me up," and dropping my best Canadian y'alls on my American players.

I also had fun describing the High Bayou to the PCs. They were pretty disgusted by the giant webs and white crocodiles. I'm looking forward to the flood in the Ziggurat...

No one thought of the Voice of Rot, even after my repeated mentions of fey (red flags along the train tracks, the logging dispute) so that reveal will be pretty fun.

I prepared the entire Ziggurat sequence ahead of time in MapTool, integrating token vision for the first time. We tested it this time even though they didn't actually reach the Ziggurat, and got the fog of war to work correctly with dynamic light sources and PCs with normal or low-light vision. I've integrated the trap labels into a hidden background layer so that I can reveal one trap at a time as the PCs discover/encounter them. I think that's going to make the actualy dungeon crawl really cool.

For now, I'm just using drawing to show the rainbow puzzle, but I'm considering creating tokens for the bridges, since it's easier to hide/show a token than it is to draw/erase a shaded object. That probably won't take too long once I find the right tokens, and it should make the puzzle easier to run. I do have the updated rainbow puzzle image from the thread here, so I should be able to run the puzzle correctly.

I'm pretty excited about running an actual dungeon crawl for the first time in the campaign. Especially a trap-riddled dungeon with a timed escape at the end. I think my players are somewhat concerned for their safety, and they should be... :devil:
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Short session last night due to technical difficulties. The players explored the camp, then (finally) entered the ziggurat. Murdok immediately used a grappling hook and rope to snag one of the golden chains from the ceiling carvings, but was disappointed that doing so didn't trigger anything.

They explored the east path, found the closed double doors, and checked them for traps, finding none. Then, they immediately turned around and went the other way, walking right into the first flame burst trap. :confused:

They were blasted badly enough by that to retreat to the entrance and take a short rest. Vesta went back and tried an Arcana check to suppress the trap, but failed and got blasted again. They didn't consider trying anything with the symbol, or really anything at all not involving a skill check, which I think is partly on me -- I was almost pure mechanics once they went inside. :erm: I haven't run a dungeon crawl in years, so that may be why, but I wasn't happy about it. I'm going to spend some time this weekend rereading the ziggurat area descriptions and trying to use more descriptive language in play next week.

I've written up personalized vision emails to send to each player, but I'm saving them until they get a little further along.


Second session in the ziggurat on Friday went much better. I was a lot more descriptive about the traps, and while the players still didn't think to try any non-skill check interactions with the traps, I think that's okay -- they did describe their skill checks in world terms, and sooner or later one of them will make a Perception check high enough to be tipped off to the hooks that are built in to each trap, and once that happens they'll start thinking about the other ones.

They continued their exploration of the eastern passage, displaying a surprising amount of paranoia about what could be behind the double doors on the western route. They were very concerned about why the archaeologists or Cauis' expedition would have bothered to close the doors behind them. I hadn't intended to make them paranoid (all I said was "You find no traps, but no traps go off..."), but I did take a certain perverse enjoyment in blasting them with fire traps, crushing them with illusory falling rock traps, tricking them with illusory bottomless pit traps, and stabbing them with spear traps... all the while chuckling to myself about how they had chosen this path versus the puzzle/encounter that's behind the double doors, which would have been trivial to solve for my party of 5 that includes 3 engineers possessing or working on postgraduate degrees. :devil:

The dungeon has proven to be quite well-designed so far, and my players are really enjoying the fact that I set up dynamic lighting for the dungeon map in MapTool, so areas are revealed automatically as they move their tokens, depending on what kind of light source the PC is carrying and what kind of vision they have.

Roll20 recently added dynamic lighting as a beta feature, and once it's stable we'll most likely switch over. Roll20 is a lot less fiddly than MapTool, and I have plenty of art assets for it courtesy of having been a TableTop Forge Kickstarter backer (they ended up merging).


The encounter with the bizarre creatures in the illusory bottomless pit trap room was very interesting. Bela was the only one who failed his save, and so he believed he was falling. None of the PCs attempted to disbelieve the trap initially, so they just let Bela fall and continued fighting the monsters in the increasingly small amount of available floor space. It wasn't until Viveen was crawling along the wall (and getting stabbed by spear traps) that it occurred to her that the floor might not be real. A Dungeoneering check suggested that the chamber was improbably constructed, opening up Wisdom checks for everyone to disbelieve the trap. Bela was very relieved to realize he was just lying prone on the floor and not one round of psychic damage from being KOed and gaining a mind scar from Distant Madness. :devil: :devil:


Last night, the constables reached Area 10: the seal room. They proceeded somewhat cautiously, intentionally triggering the spear traps and then trying to grab the spears from the mummies and stab them through the spear holes. When they got to Area 10, they lifted up the carpet and found the symbol of Nem, but when they didn't immediately detect any traps in the vicinity, they decided to just head into the room anyway. It wasn't long afterward that they triggered the toxic flood and dead rising traps.

Reginald did touch the false seal, and figure out that it had been brought here by Caius' expedition from somewhere else in the ziggurat, and they also studied the protection rituals around the seal. But shortly thereafter, Vesta and Bela saw the water flowing down the hall, so the party decided to get moving.

They didn't want to go back the way they came, so instead they headed down the middle passage, which naturally turned out to be filled with traps. They got midway down the passage when we stopped, so next time they'll reach the foyer again and find the beefier mummies waiting for them.

After all of my painstaking MapTool setup, they have completely avoided the rainbow puzzle room. Although since they also haven't found the map room and therefore have no idea where the next Ziggurat is, they may end up going back into the Ziggurat of Apet after escaping (?) the flood.


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
Although since they also haven't found the map room and therefore have no idea where the next Ziggurat is, they may end up going back into the Ziggurat of Apet after escaping (?) the flood.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but they should be able to get that information from the documents found with Caius Bergeron. They could also follow Xambria even if they don't find that information either. There's more than one way to skin a cat!

It might also be fun to have Xambria reference the Rainbow puzzle and the map room when they meet her out atsea (so they know what they missed).

Sound of Azure

Contemplative Soul
After all of my painstaking MapTool setup, they have completely avoided the rainbow puzzle room.
So I wasn't the only one, haha! My group managed to avoid everything except the middle corridor, the map room, the false seal room (disabling the water trap), and the main seal room. The traps weren't even a problem with a high wisdom elf monk spotting everything, and the party getting a lot of advice from their "rock star" friend, Rock Rackus- who they'd dragged along due to his bragging about beating the Jiese ziggurat.

gideonpepys said:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but they should be able to get that information from the documents found with Caius Bergeron. They could also follow Xambria even if they don't find that information either.
Yeah, this is good advice.


The constables did manage to escape the ziggurat with no deaths. They did open the door to the rainbow room, so they at least saw the puzzle (and as I predicted, immediately grasped the solution). Not wanting to battle their way through the room as the toxic flood approached, though, they closed the door and retreated out of the ziggurat.

They thought the Voice of Rot was very cool. It took them some discussion before they began to grok its message, but they came to relatively accurate conclusions -- somewhat surprising given the minimal information they gained from the ziggurat, but nice to see.

When we stopped, they were deciding whether to reenter the ziggurat or escape the bayou on their boats. I didn't see a mention in the adventure of whether the toxic flood trap resets/drains, or if the ziggurat will just stay flooded now. I know one DM posted that he had the VoR tell the PCs to go back into the ziggurat because there was more to learn, but I think gideonpepys and Sound of Azure are right that this isn't strictly necessary.

They do have some Water Breathing scrolls that they kept from the Axis Island expedition, but I don't think they have a way to resist both poison and necrotic damage, so the flooded ziggurat would be inaccessible barring some exceptionally clever idea that I've missed. I think that actually sends an important message to the players: things can be changed irrevocably by their actions.

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