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PF2E The Guardian Murderer

It's a new edition for Pathfinder—and our 16th article in this new run of TRAILseeker, the weekly e-zine where we publish Pathfinder-compatible material thanks to the support of our lovely Patreons!

"The Guardian Murderer" is a short adventure by Charlie Brooks packed with high-action, interesting investigation, and a fantastic plot twist in the middle for 5th level characters. Perfect for an evening of entertainment, you can find it right here, with color art by Mark Bulahao.


In TRAILseeker we publish everything from new short adventures, like this one, to new spells, adventure locations, feats, ancestries, equipment, magic items, AND MORE. You can access this and all our previous articles for as little as $1 at patreon.com/trailseeker Not sure if TRAILseeker is for you? We offer you FOUR articles FOR FREE (including a sweet, short adventure) here: bit.ly/trailseekerfree


I presume that there is some hard and fast rule that these have to be exactly 4 pages? For some of these like the ancestory mounts this is ok. But in this one it felt like a good idea cramped into too small a page count and the potential quality suffered.

It was still good don't get me wrong. and I say the above without knowing the full editing effort and time going into this product.

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