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To leave the Eagle’s nesting area requires going through doorways blocked by iron bars. The goblin tries to squeeze through between the bars but can not. They can see a lever that presumably will open the bars. As the goblin looks for a way in, the warlock concentrates and seems to split in two as he appears on the other side of the bars while still standing there….. very still.

He pulls on the lever and the door noisily slides open. He waves for them to go through, enjoying the fact he succeeded where the goblin failed.

Learning from the use of the sun rod earlier, they go without a light source. Only Dan can not see in the dark. He asks for a guide and Xena takes his hand. After a few steps, she comments about needing the use of her hands to caste spells. She takes his hand and places it firmly on her left buttock. She looks over her shoulder winks. “This should work.” Dan goes with it.

The hallway has an exit to the right and turns to the left. They go down the closest branch. They find a pile of small crates and barrels. Payne begins to pry open a few crates. Nothing, nothing then he finds a coiled up rope (Animated Rope), five CLW potions, and a small gold statue of a Displacer Beast. The goblin, with his weaker strength gets a late start. He finds three potions of CSW and two crystal colored rods- Red and Orange.

Xena and Dan remain behind them watching for trouble or fondling for trouble.

Bored with this, Payne moves forward deeper into the hallway. It deadends with a ten foot round mirror on the floor. A teleportation disk!

The warlock knows what it is but not how it works or where it goes. He grabs a box that Khiis was about to open. The goblin clings to it for a few short steps before letting go as the warlock throws the box and its spilling remains (glass beads) and waits for them to disappear.


“Need either a command word or a living thing to be there….. not a box.” Xena says while watching with mixed interest. Dan’s hand is moving about.

The goblin smiles and motions for the warlock to step onto the disk. “Where does it lead to?”

“Only one way to know for sure.” Adds the follower of The Fury.

“Not today.” Comments Payne whom frowns within his helmet and moves back to the original hallway.


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As the group go around the corner of this hallway there is a throbbing glow. Not daunted, they continue forward. The warlock is first to reach the large room where the glowing is coming from. “Is this…. A Living Spell?” he wonders out loud.

A giant 30ft around glob with static and lightning crackling off of it. Damn. And its moving. Closer. Khiis has wisely stayed behind. Very far behind. He continues to back up to be safe.

A crackling tentacle smacks the warlock. The slam hurts but the stored up electrical charge is incredibly strong. He is quick to remove himself from harm. Dan stands his ground and breathes in to burst out fire. Xena casts magical energy into the spell effect. For that, she is struck also and she is quick to retreat (3/4 of her HP in one strike and damage rolled was low).

They stay out of its reach and attack at range. It takes time but they destroy the mindless giant magical ooze. Immediate healing is done for Payne and Xena.

There are two doors out of this large room. A small exit next to the doorway they used to enter the room and a huge double door on the other side. Dan goes to the double doors. They are closed but not locked. Dan, deciding the hell with everyone, pulls out his sun rod and wanders over to the double doors. He pushes and pushes with little luck.

“Need help?” asks Xena as she makes a muscle and suggests she will push the door open herself. The proud barbarian grits his teeth and pushes harder. The door slowly opens.

Inside the room is a checkered room of dark and light grey squares. On the far side is a doorway with bars. Another doorway is on the far end on the left. The barbarian begins to walk into the room and he hears a soft moan. He stops dead in his tracks. Xena leans into the room and looks around for the source. Nothing.

The barbarian steps to the side and after a few more moans he then spots a brief flash followed by a glow at his feet. The goblin looks around next. “You move too slow. If you walk on the light grey it will glow. Walk on the dark and it will Moan.”

Xena raises an eyebrow at that. His Rhyme was off but his observation was correct.

The warlock glides just above the surface of the magical floor and checks on the barred door. It leads back to where the nests are. Dead eagles are still here which he has a quiet satisfaction looking at the dead he specifically caused.

Dan walks down the short hallway to a barred off room. He can see what looks like a dark, almost black, metal furnace with white hot cinders and orange flames rising from it. There is no signs of anyone else within.

The lock to the barred door has the key still within it. It will not turn. “Khiis- your assistance please.”

The goblin is already there looking. Before he can find anything, the warlock dimension doors into the room.


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Payne sees no obvious reasons to not approach this…. Furnace. He looks around the room. It is small and seems impractical for a work space. The walls are simple. He looks back at the group whom are all at the bars waiting.

He looks into the flames. This is obviously magical in nature. He wonders if it is a furnace or a kiln. Maybe a forge even. He stares into the incredibly hot flame. There is something within but he cannot make it out.

With a dagger, he tries to poke through the flames. His hand is singed despite his unnatural resistance to harm- especially flame. Holding his steaming hand, he looks into the flames again. He spots something he has dislodged within the coals….. the hilt of a sword. Curious.

Xena can not help herself. She gasps as she witnesses the warlock reaching into the flames. He growls from the pain. The fires that overtake his resistance and damage reduction. Then the pain stops as he grasps the leather bound grip and removes the sword from the flames.

Clearly it is magical. The aura of magic shines on it. There are runes on it. He can not read the runes. Looking closer he sees what he believes were runes on the pommel but looking closer, it is not runes but images.

“What do you have?” asks almost pleading the goblin. His greed and desire growing by the minute.

“Just a moment more. It’s a sword.” And he looks closer that the pommel. There are four heads of dragons etched into it. Red, Black, Blue and a White. Curious….. there is a circle in the center with a small black arrow. It is pointed to the Red dragon. Slowly the warlock begins to understand.

He uses his magic to shift beyond the bars once more. “There are runes on here that I cannot read.”

Xena glances at it. “Some of that is orc. Or at least I think it is.”

Dan looks at it over her shoulder. “And draconic.”

“You speak draconic?” asks the warlock with some surprise.

“I come from the Land of Dragons. I learned your common second. I grew up speaking draconic.”

The goblin takes note of this. Contacts to the dragons…….

Together they read it as best as they can. “Together, Orc and Dragon, we breath power and wield the Mighty Surocose. Together we can defend the helpless from the twisted realms and truly unnatural.”

“That image on the bottom…. Is that a dial?” asks the goblin.

[DM NOTE: Longsword +1 set dial for +1d6 extra damage based on dragon’s breath weapon type. Also gain Resistance 10 of matching energy type. Also the sword is Intelligent but slumbering still]

“That sword…. It speaks to me. I can use it better than you. Better than any of you.” Declares Dan the Barbarian.

“How much?” says the warlock. “I like gold.”

The barbarian lists what he has. It is not enough.

The goblin clears his throat.

The three look down at him.

“Sounds like you need a loan.” Says the goblin with a very large grin.

“Don’t trust him.” Xena says then steps away. She wants nothing to do with this.

“Would 200 more gold work?” asks the goblin to the warlock.

“He doesn’t have it.”

“But IF he did?”

Silence as he thinks about it. “Yes.”

The goblin jumps for joy within his own mind as he then turns to the barbarian. “I can offer it but there will be interest.”

Fearful of the amount he looks at the sword. His desperation to hold it overwhelms his common sense. “How much? What are your terms?”’

“Not much. It is truly a beautiful sword. And to think, by it’s word, a dragon created it. 25%.”

“Don’t” whispers Xena. She strongly suspects this goblin has connections with Yrlag’s thieves guild- The Web.


“Per week.”

The barbarian does some quick math. They are over a week’s travel just to return to Yrlag. “In my land, we barter fairly. No interest. Even trade only.”

The goblin begins to persist but feels he may lose the deal. Less money is better than none. Lord Spyder will be most pleased. “What terms do you offer then?”

The negations continue for several minutes. In the end, for the 200 gold the goblin gets several thousand gold of goods he has collected. He has made much money today.

They agree on it and items are transferred and the sword given to the barbarian.

He is happy as he takes practice swings with it as they walk back to the last exit they didn’t take. It leads to a stairway leading down.