The Hodgepocalypse Cometh

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Hodgepocalypse - Dark Revelations - the Role-Playing Game

After many years of tinkering, tweaking and so forth, I finally got the Hodgepocalypse ready to go for publication:
  • Witness the wonder of post-post-apocalyptic North America reinterpreted in its own twisted and often comical glory.
  • Seven new species as well as new twists on classic races.
  • Species talents that allow your character to develop their natural abilities.
  • A Class/Path System that allows customization in your character along with archetypes.
  • Modern weapons and equipment
  • Vehicles and the rules for driving them.
  • New Spells and a spell malfunction table.

Arriving on December 24th, just in time for Christmas on drivethrurpg.

If you want a free copy, to have a game run online, or the gm package for your own group please contact me on @drevrpg or

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Didn’t know about this. Would this make a good supplement for playing in a simply modern world, or is it too heavily geared toward post apocalypse for that?
It's my gonzo world filled with weird concepts. It's doable, but if you want to play a more straight lace modern game, ultramodern 5 might be a better fit.

edit: Post-post apocalyptic with magic is the theme so I have spellcasting classes and a definite mix of viable mix of species available for player characters.
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