The Job - Ocean's 11/The Italian Job as an RPG

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This sounds amazing.

From Dicebreaker:
The Job is a new tabletop RPG specifically designed for on-shot sessions wherein the players are master thieves attempting to steal expensive jewels, priceless artwork and world-famous artefacts. The only thing standing in their way: an accumulating tower of dice that - if it collapses - spells disaster for their heist.

Created and published by small press tabletop outfit Games Omnivorous (Frontier Scum, Bottled Sea), The Job evokes classic heist films such as The Italian Job and Thief by putting players in familiar roles - the con artist, the muscle, the boss, the tech expert - and tasking them with stealing something big, shiny and dangerous while keeping the heat as low as possible.

That’s where this deceptively simple title shows off its fun design twist. As players run into trouble or take risks, they’ll stack dice on an increasingly wobbly tower, a la dexterity board games. Each time it falls, the tension rises and more complications - armed reinforcements, an unforseen wrinkle in the plan, and perhaps even a third act betrayal - muddy the waters of what was always supposed to be an easy job. Three tumbles and the game ends in utter defeat for your would-be master criminals.
This is the first I've ever heard of this. This genre is completely my jam and a finely tuned game for playing Danny Ocean sounds fantastic. Has anyone played this before?
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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Just received this. This is gorgeous (like something from the early 1960s Camelot era). Its sample adventures are all designed to look like 1960s heist movies that never were, which is a great way to get a GM psyched to run them.

It's a small book, but it includes some suggestions on using this to run heists in other games, which would be fun.

I've got a stack of adventures to read before running them over the next five weeks, but the 48-page Job is going on the pile after that.

It's also all released under Creative Commons 4.0, so hopefully there will be support and adaptations for this.

Only $8 at DTRPG.
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It looks lovely.
Unfortunately, the one thing I can/could never get my table to do is one shots. They are campaign or bust!! types.

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