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The Jungle (Dojo) of the Clawed Panther


A deep jungle looms before you. Yet despite the ominious feeling of being watched and the occasional panther passing by the Jungle emanates a sense of peace. Within can be found its protector Kalanyr the Panther Clawed sitting serenely in the center yet aware of all that occurs within. Those who wish may study the way of the Panther and its devastating Claws within.

Dojo of the Clawed Panther (Honoured)
Masters Record (5-3)
Dojo Record (2-1)
Member of the Alliance of the Sword
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A messenger arrives just outside the edge of the jungle. He calls out, "I am here to deliver a message to the lord of the jungle, Kalanyr!"

The message reads:

Kalanyr -

I would like to offer my services to you and your Dojo.

Would you please join us at the Tower of the Sword?

- MidKnight

ps- Tower is located here
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A panther returns to the jungle and moves to its heart, the missing flag is all Kalanyr needs to know his offer was accepted he immediately rises, climbs the tallest tree in the jungle and from the topmost branch hangs the banner of the Alliance of the Sword.

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