The K-Team: Best Undead Adventures?

Greg V

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Aeolius said:
Sounds like Shock Waves, with the exception of the drowned ones being aquatic nazi zombies, of course. ;)
"Once They Were Almost Human! Beneath the living... Beyond the dead... From the depths of Hell's Ocean! The Deep End of Horror!"

That would be because it is Shock Waves (sort of). I saw about 10 minutes of that movie on cable once when I was about 12 years old, and it scared the crap out of me. Fast forward about 15 years and it formed the seed for an adventure. I didn't even know what the name of the movie was until someone was kind enough to post it for me on the Paizo boards.


And actually it does have Nazi zombies. The drowned ones are from the Scarlet Brotherhood: blond-haired, blue-eyed, racial supremisists out for world domination...about as close as you can get to Nazis in the World of Greyhawk. When I does a tribute, I does it right. :p

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Dungeon Magazine #70 - Kingdom of the Ghouls
Dungeon Magazine #17 - The Pit (one of my favourites)
2e Ravenloft - Touch of Death (mummies)
2e Ravenloft - Night of the Walking Dead (zombies - very tough for listed levels. I ran it with a 4th-5th level party and they were very glad to have survived, aside from the druid, RIP)
Mischief Inc adventure F1 - Tomb of Rakoss the Undying

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