Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for October 1, 2023

Welcome to the Bundles, Freebies, and Sales News, the weekly column at EN World that helps make sure you don’t miss out on big tabletop RPG bundles, charity fundraisers, and sales from around the internet.


Freebies and Pay What You Want

Note: While “Pay What You Want” downloads are available for free, please support the creators if you are able!

Starting out here on EN World, Wyrmworks released a free encounter titled Rumble in the Streets for their adventure Limitless Champions coming soon to Kickstarter but that also can be inserted into any adventure you want with the new CR2 monster the Flagstone Devastator.
  • Price: Free
  • End Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Snowy’s Maps released a Pathfinder 2nd Edition adventure Twisted Shadows of Iliki for Level 5 characters sending them to the small and prosperous village of Iliki where villagers are disappearing with blame falling on the local tavernkeeper.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $0.00)

Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, worlds by watt released Cloud Empress, a fantasy campaign for Mothership. This rulebook for the adventure includes 4 new jobs, 20 new science fantasy skills, 30 magical spells, 20 new science fantasy weapons, and a lot more.
  • Price: Free

Denver Cheney has a great tool for gamemasters of science fiction games with Astral News Affinity Template. These JPGs and PDFs for use with the Affinity photo editing software or any other image or PDF editor to create your own newsfeeds or datasheets showing the set-ups for your adventures or the results of the players’ exploits.
  • Price: Free

If you’re looking for a different take on Dungeon Crawl Classic, Dragon Peak Publishing has the DCC rules variant Academia Arcana where you play students at a magical wizard school.
  • Price: Free

Thorbjørn Steen released Specialty Books, a supplement for Twilight 2000 4th Edition with 14 new specialties found in over 125 books that can be discovered by your players to learn them during their downtime.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.00)

Xeno & Craft’s The Shattered Oak is an introductory for Mausritter sending the party to investigate a missing garrison at the hollowed-out tree stump Oakhollow Keep that the syrup-making mice of Maplemoor use as a vital part of their security.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.00)

With the first English-language edition of the classic Swedish RPG Drakar och Demoner available from Free League, Andreas Ringsparr released Monsters of Old Wildwood with seventeen new monsters for Dragonbane.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.00)

If you prefer Free League’s Nordic fantasy RPG Vaesen instead, Ryan Main released The Cat-Sith, a monster based on Scottish and Irish folklore that is not despite the name a cat that’s turned to the dark side of the Force…but that’s not a bad place to start thinking about the Cat-Sith either.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $1.00)

With Spooky Season upon us, it is the perfect time to check out One Shot RPG’s OSRPG Modern Horror 2nd Edition. This D100 system game features quick but robust character creation with options to help create unique characters, a heroic and cinematic feel, and horror-specific mechanics for dread and panic. And, of course, it’s specifically designed for one shot games perfect for the Halloween season.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $10.00)

And if you want an adventure to try out with OSRPG Modern Horror, there’s Aiden’s Toys: A Modern Horror Adventure where the players are asked by a friend to gather toys for the Christmas toy drive…only to learn these toys are possessed!
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $5.00)

Fans of Shadowdark looking for something fun for the Halloween season will be interested in They Came From the Void by Studio Wedgie whose influences of cheesy 50s sci-fi/horror is up front in this high-level adventure where an alien vessel has crashed in the forest and destroyed the town of Acre.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.99)

We got a lot of new Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventures this week starting with The Shadows Below from Moon Gate Exploration Co. that sends the 1st level characters (with options to adjust to 5th, 8th, and 10th+ parties) through an arched stone portal and transports them to an unfamiliar land filled with dangers and horrors.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $4.99)

Bandits of Siege Tower from Temple Outfitter promises to be “not your average clear the bandit camp adventure” as the 3rd-4th level 5e party is sent to clear a bandit camp. The adventure includes new monsters, items, NPCs, random encounters, combat cards, digital maps, and more.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $4.99)

This one doesn’t quite explain its reference, but I’ve seen Kevin Bacon and Michael Gross fight enough underground giant worms to recognize where Rune Foundry’s Tremor in the Yawning Canyons is drawing from with this one-shot 5e adventure for 4th level characters.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.00)

Over on Dungeonmasters Guild, Nedudgi Nas has released an absolutely massive megadungeon Escape from Carceri that places the 1st level party in the dreaded Prison Plane and pits them against foes through six different layers with challenges in the whopping 373 pages that will get them all the way to Level 10.
  • Price: Free

If you’re playing Curse of Strahd this October and want to change things up a bit, Jefferson Chalmers has The Vines of Wrath that can replace the Wizard of Wines defensive siege in the adventure with a more abstract encounter evoking the same few-against-many feel without the grind of a long combat.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $3.00)

And what’s creepier than a classic adventure in a gothic castle? A Circus! Michael LeBossiere released R7: Cirque Du Necro that can be played as part of the R-series of adventures or as a stand-alone for 2nd Tier parties that puts the party under a cursed Big Top with performers stuck in an afterlife forced to continue their performance forever…unless the party can free them.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $3.99)

For more Ravenloft fun, Aenarion's Coven released Executioner based on the seventh Tarokka card where the 5th level party is falsely accused of a crime and given the death sentence, forcing them to escape the Executioner.
  • Price: Pay What You Want (Suggested: $2.95)

This week’s first Lightning Round are maps ready for you to use in your favorite VTT. Each of these products is either free or pay what you want with the suggested price listed in parentheses.

The second Lightning Round are character options for Dungeons & Dragons 5e again with each product available free or pay what you want with the suggested price in parentheses.

And the final Lighting Round this week are 5e NPCs and monsters ready to use in your games. Each of these products is either free or pay what you want with the suggested price listed in parentheses.



Bundles and Sales

Note: I have included end dates when listed for the following sales, but please be warned that those without published end dates may end suddenly so be sure to plan purchases accordingly.

Phandelver & Below
is now out and Dungeonmasters Guild has a sale on third-party content expanding on the adventure, new maps and other tools for running it, new character options, new NPCs, new magic items, guides to the Forgotten Realms setting, and a lot more.
  • Price: 25% off
  • End Date: October 2, 2023 Final Day!

And the final week of the September Settings week is full of deals on Cyberpunk RPGs. Yes, that means lots of deals on Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020/RED, Eclipse Phase, and a lot more with over 3000 titles on sale.
  • Price: Up to 80% off
  • End Date: October 2, 2023 Final Day!

Pathfinder makes it to the Roll20 bundles with the Pathfinder 1e Bestiary with both the PDF and the Roll20 VTT files available together.
  • Price: $47.98 (20% off)

We’ve also got some packed bundles for the start of Spooky Season starting with the King Size Settle Halloween Bundle from Fat Goblin Games with seventeen total holiday themed titles ranging from kid’s horror to hardboiled mysteries to cheesy sci-fi to ghost hunting and a lot more.
  • Price: $20.00 (82% off)

And if you want more from Fat Goblin Games, there’s also the Halloween Goodie Bag Bundle with well over one hundred (that’s just when I lost count) titles including character options, weapons, races, magic items, classes, locations, NPCs, optional rules, coloring books, and a whole lot more.
  • Price: $20.00 (97% off)

The big Halloween bundle on Dungeonmasters Guild and what else but the Ultimate Ravenloft Bundle featuring eight titles including new Domains of Dread, new Dark Hexes, new adventures, expansions on Curse of Strahd, and more.
  • Price: $9.99 (83% off)

CZRPG has a bundle of sea-themed maps with the Bearworks Sea Maps Bundle including maps of a coastal harbor, naval collision, island map, and the serpent’s maw.
  • Price: $7.99 (33% off)

And if you want more maps, there’s Tessa Presents 33 Maps for Phandelver and Below featuring, well, 33 detailed maps for use in VTTs along with a specific Roll20 version of the maps all original and alternates to the official locations.
  • Price: $5.18 (35% off)


Charity Bundles and Sales

The Open Gaming Store has a bundle of games collected by Rogue Genius Games in support of veteran game designer Owen K.C. Stephens and his struggle with cancer. This bundle features over 350 products from multiple companies for multiple systems with a retail value over $1000 including supplements for 5th Edition, Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder 1st Edition, Pathfinder 2nd Edition, Starfinder, Starjammer, and many others from publishers including Everybody Games, Rogue Genius Games, Legendary Games, Rite Publishing, Evil Robot Games, Battlefiend Press International, Savage Mogo, Publishing, and more.
  • Price: $39.95 (over 96% off)
  • Charity: Owen K.C. Stephens medical recovery and expenses (all proceeds)
  • End Date: November 3, 2023

Bundle of Holding wants you to be ready for next month’s National Novel Writing Month with the Novel Writing Game Tools 2023 Bundle. These journaling games, prompt guides, and creativity aids will help you develop your story. The Starter Collection includes Alone on a Journey, Seven Wonders, Apothecaria, Apothecaria: Shimmersnow Valley, and Recipe on Kmiydish Paper while the Bonus Collection adds on The Slow Knife, Curse of the House of Rookwood, Not a Demon, and Bleak Spirit.
  • Price: $9.95 (81% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: NaNoWriMo (10%)
  • End Date: November 1, 2023

The RPG based on the story that inspired Lovecraft, The Yellow King from Pelgrane Press designed by Robin D. Laws. This game using the Gumshoe System takes place across multiple realities from 19th Century Paris to an alternate version of America to a Continental War across Europe to a subtlety twisted version of our own modern day. The base level gets you The Yellow King RPG and Yellow King Suite while the Scholar Collection adds on Absinthe in Carcoas, Annotated King in Yellow, The Missing and the Lost, and New Tales of the Yellow Sign.
  • Price: $17.95 (67% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Cancer Research UK (10%)
  • End Date: October 12, 2023

There’s still time left in the Hostile Bundle featuring the Cepheus Engine based sci-fi/horror game. Built on the same core as the classic Traveller RPG, this game draws inspiration from Alien, Outland, Blade Runner, and other stories of harsh planets, toxic atmospheres, and the uncaring unfeeling void that is deep space. The Starter Collection includes the core rulebook, the firearm sourcebook Gunlocker, and GM resources. The Bonus Collection adds on more resources with campaign books, setting sourcebooks, NPC collections, and more.
  • Price: $9.95 (79% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)
  • End Date: October 2, 2023

The two bundles for Arc Dream Publishing’s Delta Green, the modern-day action-horror RPG based on the Cthulhu Mythos, has been extended! The first bundle is the Delta Green RPG Megabundle which includes the Delta Green Agent’s Handbook player core rulebook, the setting book The Complex, and the pre-generated character collection Agent Dossiers. The Handler Megacollection adds on the Delta Green Handler’s Guide GM core rulebook, the sourcebook The Conspiracy, the campaign Iconoclasts, and four other titles.
  • Price: $7.95 (76% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)
  • End Date: October 4, 2023

The second bundle is DG Asset Packs with a collection of graphical assets, hand-outs, and prop documents for Delta Green. Pick up the art, template, and document hand-outs in the DG Asset Pack: Classified 1, Known Vectors 1, Law Enforcement 1, Public Interest 1, and Private Sector Pack.
  • $17.95 (70% off) with variable-cost Level Up option
  • Charity: Direct Relief (10%)
  • End Date: October 4, 2023

On Humble…I’m sorry for the gushing that’s about to happen, but you all probably know my love of the Shadowrun setting by this point and the Shadowrun Legends bundle from Catalyst Game Labs and Humble Bundle features a collection of the tie-in novels from the Shadowrun franchise going all the way back to the start. Even the first tier of the bundle includes one of my favorite Shadowrun novels and still one of my favorite novels of all time, 2XS by Nigel Findley, along with the first full novel Never Deal with a Dragon by Robert N. Charrette and Striper Assassin by Nyx Smith. The second tier adds seven more titles including House of the Sun by Nigel Findley (the sequel to 2XS), the two sequels to Never Deal with a Dragon to complete the Secrets of Power trilogy, and more. The top tier includes a total of 42 novels, which is the entire FASA-era collection of novels. This library is a must-have for any Shadowrun fan available in both epub and mobi formats for easy reading on any device and covers many of the major events that shape the Shadowrun setting to this very day.
  • Price: $1/$10/$18 (91% off at top tier)
  • Charity: Legal Defense Fund (user-defined, default 5%)
  • End Date: October 7, 2023

That’s all for this week! If you know of any bundles or sales starting soon, please contact me on the EN World Discord, tag me on Mastodon, or send me a message here on EN World. Discount percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number and are based on the standard retail price provided by the site. Note: Links to Amazon, Humble Store, Humble Bundle, Fantasy Grounds, and/or DriveThruRPG may contain affiliate links with the proceeds going to the author of this column.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott


Stranger Stuff (TinyD6) bundle, including Stranger Stuff core and related products, listed together on dtrpg for $25. ($100 less than total individual listed price.)


Stranger Stuff (TinyD6) bundle, including Stranger Stuff core and related products, listed together on dtrpg for $25. ($100 less than total individual listed price.)
Wonder why that one didn't show up on my search since I got the other two Fat Goblin bundles...

Edit: Wait, I think I figured it out. It showed up after I did my initial research for the column but before I posted it.

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