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The Last Book will be the first one :o

le Redoutable

Ich bin El Glouglou :)
First Book = Torah
Second Book = Bibble
Third Book = Coran
Fourth Book = Ad&d ( 7th Ed :eek: )

so, in next period ( from the same Era )
Book One will be Ad&d ( well, I first thought of The Holy Book of the Healer lol )


I was mislead figuring the less working forces would be brought to the frontline;
obviously, the best workers will still get the best places ( that's all ! )


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Dude, I know you always post cryptic, downright incomprehensible threads most of the time, but... What? What on earth could you possibly mean by comparing AD&D to literal holy scriptures?

Confused Friends Tv GIF

Marc Radle

I’ve said it before but … I can’t figure out if he posts this intentionally nonsensical stuff on purpose because he gets some sort of odd enjoyment out of seeing everyone’s confusion OR if he honestly thinks his posts make sense.

And then I wonder which of those two scenarios is worse …

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